Icy Blue

Hi All. 
Last week I was gearing up for one of my favorite clients, who happens to be an artist herself and whose daughter runs around with mine so I wanted to make her room special and wanted to surprise her with all the details.  Her mom, Cassell Fitzhugh (mother of 4) knows what she likes but with a brood like that, hardly has the time, so I stepped in to help.  We also needed to find a way to slide a few things in that a tweener might not pick on her own if shown on paper, but once done, would love (hence the more sophisticated rug, shelf and headboard color).  All she wanted was a shiny, turquoise lounge area with lots of shelving for her books.  The end result was a pulled together space, complete with all the details.  A full bed turned sideways, with a mounted headboard to appear sofa like, wall mount sconces for reading as well as a “lounge” for hanging out.  The icy blue walls were base coated in a turquoise, then washed with a pearl metallic (complements of my newly retired husband).  Floating shelves were added for book storage and a slick desk, and lucite chair.  Over the desk we created a message board using burlap covered foam core, then framed.  This clever idea was given to me by my carpenter and works like a charm.  

Entering the room, mom was happy and Peyton stood, mouth-open gazing asking for a lock to be put on the door… mission accomplished !!!

It was a great and fun install . . . 

- Beth

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