Kid Art Overload !!

Hi All,
Well.. what to do with all the kid art that was brought home, you can hang on the fridge, you can tack to cork boards or you can try this idea.. Create an photo book… I happen to be an avid Apple girl, love it, and they make it so easy to import and create books.  Simply photograph your art on a clean, bright surface, zooming in on the good stuff and import into a book… Makes a great coffee table book and saves the look of the fridge !!!

Design a fun bright cover, zoom in on a piece of art and add text

Design in I Photo (or Shutterfly or Snapfish, or any of a number of on line sites by simply downloading and  dragging … 

What once took up the whole wall … now in a cool book on your living room table.  Safe and something to save for years !!!

Try this too with all your family pictures for the year … Over Christmas break it’s my fun project … to create the “Year in Review”

Happy dropping and dragging !!

- Beth

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