Sand, Shells, and Tent Houses . . .

Hi all… it’s really a lazy Saturday

I am holding up in the house at the moment with 97 degree weather outside (and it’s only June), knowing I should be weeding the garden, walking the dogs or pulling out the lemonade stand for the kids (stay tuned for tomorrow) but my mind is elsewhere.

So I have turned the A/C way down and pulled out the fluffy white duvet I love, and am letting my thoughts wander to a trip I took to the Shore … No, not the Caribbean, but a funny little part of the Jersey Shore, called “Ocean Grove.” Yep, I said Jersey! My husband’s a Jersey boy, so I guess that makes my girls “Jersey Girl’s.. not..” Sorry got side tracked…..

Anyway, there are the cutest little row houses there. They are actually tent houses, just a block or two from the beach and not too far from the Boardwalk. It has inspired me to pull some of my favorite color combinations, furniture styles and finishes.. and to feel the inspiration, I am getting help from a variety of photographers, who’s talent is evident here …




I love the combination of sunset peach, white, turquoise, that’s really more mint with the color of driftwood pulled in….  Like these pillows… Love them.. favorite vendor of ours.  And how about the lamps.. perfect…

photo by Beth Keim


Also found another amazing floor lamp in our files, orange wire and big. A little pop or orange will do the trick… and how about this desk !  The top is a cool, taupe colored stone with a distressed teal base.

I think this is worth a re..mention…. found these wreaths on Etsy and love the simplicity of them, really more of a Fall thing… (or plan ahead !) … but love the colors…





When thinking of paint colors just remember they dry darker, flat paints can be touched up, but eggshells can be cleaned…A good paint combinations for this look could be … . .


My mind is drifting back to the Boardwalk, the smells, the age and the general feel of it all. I love the grey tones of the planks, especially down by the water. The wooden storefronts mixed with brick ones. Tones of whites, peach, blues and grays. I love the idea of mixing distressed pieces, aged and carved like an old merry-go-round at the carnival.  Chipped paint, burlap, metal are all the things I am seeing.

(can you tell I don’t want to get up and go outside)…


Nothing like a root beer float !!


. . .  an most amazing new fabric line we found in NYC … reminds me of “ink-blot” prints we all did as kids !



60” round ped. table with vintage lines and a driftwood stained solid wood top. Great in the kitchen with a curved bench on 1 side and chairs of the other…

or if rectangular would work better, this 84” wood top has an iron base.


A few more color inspired finds …

I am loving my “day at the beach” time in my head, and inspiration CAN truly come from anywhere !!


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