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Hi All,

The name of the game lately seems to be that second den, that playroom, that upstairs bonus room or home office . . .  I have had more clients want to create a space for the whole family as their kids have retired the plastic toys and are ready to move on to a space comfortable for the entire family.  Recently one of my clients Julie Ahdieh came to me asking for a pretty, functional and good looking room, and let's face it . . .for her that her kids could sit in and be comfortable while watching movies and hanging our.  She has a beautiful home full of interesting pieces and loads of style and this room would be no exception.  She found inspiration from this photo . . .

Design by:  www.palmerweiss.com

We then we added our own spin …

and the most amazing fabric …

Stay tuned for the install coming this week !!!

- Beth

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