Yes, You can mix Brown and Black !

Hi All, 

Finished a great install with Kelley Sink.. and loving the finished product… Our starting point were her green walls.. and the fact she loved lavender… wanted to mix the two with something big girl, fun and bright.  Found this great  wall paper, but don’t get too excited.. it was the last roll .. sadly discontinued… but other colors available (see below) and because we could only get 1 roll, I framed it out like a large piece of art.. great way to add color and “art” without spending a fortune on a big piece…  I laugh about the brown and black… because I talked her into the amazing chandelier .. yes black.. there’s a little big in the wall paper and it’s perfect and she loved it… think it turned out so pretty.. 

Available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Available at www.lucyandcompany.com

It was a hard choice, but we loved the brown and lavender combination, but it's available in other color ways, check out . . . . 

One down and one to go this week !  Stay tuned !

- Beth

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