Installs of the Week !

Hi all.. had a busy week installing … a dining room (stay tuned) a mom office,  and this fun girl’s room.  My client, which I must stay has the most beautiful home in Charlotte, has two little girls, one of which was ready to pack up the crib.

See the before:

 In starting this project we had a large navy shag rug as our starting point.  Now I love pink and navy and I couldn’t wait to use that combination.  Being 3 she had one request. .  ”hearts”  Lucky for her mom and I we found this great Designer’s Guild fabric for the bed pillows with both and thus began the layering.  Neutral walls, bright pillows and a cornice fabric for the window.  Originally the room hard large, white, full length curtains… we reused the fabric for the romans.

I love the large dressers which will give lots of storage and grow up with her and call attention to the bump out in the wall, a perfect place for a pair.

The cute side table with the zig zag pattern was actually another piece we saved from the original nursery.  Sprayed it white and actually called a local sign shop, and, using a template Keith created, cut a out the vinyl transfer.  Rather than painting the slick surface and risking any bleed, it did the trick.

Another great custom chair made by Shawna Robinson … www.shawnarobinson.com

After painting grey, and picking such sophisticated patterns and furniture, my client was a bit worried it would look too grown up, but I assured her adding the right accessories and pops of color would give it youth…

One last trick and in an effort to incorporate my 3 year old’s request for Hearts… I painted this canvas.  The front is the amazing graphic wall paper, but the back . .  is all hand painted, youth. .  full of the hearts she loved.. its a great idea. . you can just flip it around using “D” rings on the top of the canvas.  So as the heart love fades a more grown up look appears.  So tip of the day, for a room with staying power, use well made furniture which will stand the test of time and accessories that can easily be changed out.. .

We also installed a great little office for mom and daughter to hang out in to escape the dad and brothers who have taken over the huge basement and turned it into a man cave.  They wanted it fun, bright, functional and pretty.  Take a look at the before . .

and After !!!

Take a closer look … there is a cabinet on the wall covered in the same wall paper, it houses all their wrapping paper and ribbon on dowels.  The other wall cabinets were randomly placed for more interest … good ‘ole Ikea . .  with photos mixed in.  A desk, comfortable chair and custom ottoman.  That one pop of bright color is all it take sometimes, rather than filling the entire room … makes more of an impact.  Our starting point was the wall paper… a new line from Harlequin.  We originally loved the pink and green color way, but after she fell in love with the chair fabric, we toned it down with the more neutral version.

The overall room, clean and bright.  I think mom may lose this one to daughter.

Happy Weekend !

-  Beth

and p.s. stay tuned for that dining room . . here’s a sneak preview from our original meeting..

Did she choose …

Room #1

or Room #2

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