Crush ' in on Kelly (Green) !

Welcoming the weekend …

It’s been raining for a couple of days and it looks like it will keep falling this weekend. While my hair doesn’t appreciate it, I will say I love the way it brings out all the greens in our back yard.

The colors, especially the greens, are saturated and vibrant after a rain and makes me think of many things that relate to one of my beloved color favorites, Kelly Green.  I remember the green duck shoes I had in high school, the emerald ring I have. The koi fish pond my kids almost fell in at Hersey Park.  It’s a preppy color, it’s a serious color, it a great pop color.  It looks amazing with black (and white).  I like it in small doses. I love it shiny. I once taught myself how to paint faux malacite, the real thing is amazing and makes for stunning jewelry and table tops.

I am pondering an Osborne and Little wall paper (see below) in my downstairs powder room so I think I will indulge myself (and anyone who might join me) in my love of Kelly Green with a few inspirations…


That’s the actual koi pond !

Saw this on www.cocokelley.blogspot.com and saved on my wall. Love the windows. See what I mean.. small doses and black and white.

Rich color and textured rug from www.anthropologie.com

Smorgasbord of kelly from www.etsy.com and www.modpod.com

My Osborne and Little paper taped on my bathroom wall… which one … hum.  Now in my old days I would have probably painted it myself… if you knew me in the 90’s thats how I got my start … it’s was fun, but not so much time now !  But here’s how you do it …

The preppy green . . aka Lacoste. Speaking of preppy, I think of pink and green. Take a look at a hand painted wall Keith did a few years ago in a Kelly Green floral pattern inspired by this Pindler fabric . .

Finish product … a week later and a case of beer, i tunes card and dinner out from our client (she felt his pain) . .

A quick re-visit to a still favorite Mary McDonald design with similar color palette

The amazing Kelly Wearstler.  Makes me want to gut my bathroom completely. Her style, to me, is grand, large, strong and while my 1912 bungalow is not the Viceroy, I do love to take inspiration from her use of pattern, color contrast and the use of unexpected pieces in unexpected places.  She has driven me to hit the flea more often and keep my relationship with my lacquer painting subs in good standing !!!


Sofa compliments of www.anthropologie.com, www.katespade.com and www.quadrillefabrics.com

Designer’s Guild and Schumacher fabrics available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Stark Carpet available at www.lucyandcompany.com and design by www.sherrillcanet.com.  The gold leaf ceiling compliments the jewel tone walls so perfectly !  Very dramatic.

Grass cloth wall coverings by Phillip Jeffries and Ginko inspired fabric by Osborne and Little available www.lucyandcompany.com

Photo I took at the W in Atlanta, yes we were at the bar . .

Photo I took on an install early spring.  The malachite box made it !

It may be raining tomorrow, and on an occassional Saturday afternoon it can be nice . . This weekend, however, is our Ashley’s Wedding !!!  I can’t wait to see all the hard work and, I am sure, creative beauty she pulled off … Stay tuned to catch a look her reception and the dress !!!  It is sure to be loaded with pretty ideas from Ashley’s final farewell before she heads to Hawaii !

Off to get my toes done …

- Beth

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