The Look of Vintage . . . part 2

Stronger colors, harder lines, a humorous element.  Vintage part 2 takes on a totally different twist and look, compliments of the Keim northeast-bound-road-trip and the last hurrah for the summer of 2011 . . Jersey ultimate destination.  First stop.  The diner, the northern diner that is … Second stop.  The roadside HoJo’s.

A few key words . .  Stainless, old pine, brick, the color coral, black . .  and a lot of white tile, vinyl, exposed cords, retro / vintage signs and maybe just a little faded and worn . . in a good way.

(by the way … get the new Iphone 4. The pictures are amazing for a phone !!)

True Vintage . .

. .  and what I mean by humor.


“The Circus” is on Route 35 in Wall Township, New Jersey, circa ‘1954 (www.circusdrivein.com)

Anyway, the point of this is …

If you are a designer, artist, photographer or just overly creative, you look at things differently, you notice materials, shapes, colors and in my case, these all-consuming images fill my head and I starting thinking of how to translate them into interiors. Metal bar stools, a stainless back splash, red accent colors and a black and white chevron rug . . from the things I see,  places we travel  . . let’s see just how I would translate them.

All furnishings and accessories available through www.lucyandcompany.com

a close up of a piece Keith worked on recently . . love the colors and style with the vintage look I am going for here . . and of course a little utilitarian reproduction.

and compliments of www.thevintagewren.blogspot.com . .

Creating the vintage mix can be a little tricky.  You can tend to get carried away with too many similar things. . putting too many Coke Signs in your den only takes away from how cool the ONE is (unless you are a collector - then go nuts).  Here are a few more images from the portfolio of the Novagrats who know how to do it right (www.thenovogratz.com).  Comfortable furniture, strong colors, a little shimmer, and best of all a little humor. Take a look at a few of their designs.

The weekend is almost here …

- Beth

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