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Hi All… love is in the air !

When I think of vintage I think of two things, the combination of the “Shabby Chic” look with the infusion of “Mid-Century Modern,” in my accessories.  Two totally different looks but when mixed together create something special and “eclectic.”

I love this look and have been introducing it into my home for about a year.  The look takes a little time, in my opinion, because you start layering it and it grows as you find objects to love to add to your look. These objects are special pieces, with sentimental meaning.  It’s often why I like to work around pieces my clients already have.

Designer Rachel Ashwell founded Shabby Chic in the late 80’s and branded the style and term “Shabby Chic.”  (www.shabbychic.com) Her look can be obtained and purchased in one of her several retail store, but creating this look yourself can be half the fun . . collecting the pieces from all sorts of places, remembering there are NO RULES, the quirkier the better !

Ashley got married yesterday and I knew she would create a look for her wedding that very much expresses her style and loves.  A vintage look, a romantic look, and that’s just what the day was.  Take a look at a few pictures of her beautiful day and my spin on things I am drawn to when pulling together this eclectic mix !

She created this beautiful cake of flowers and jewels, and she looked so pretty in her Vera !

She also used a mis-matched collection of vintage plates similar to this look (www.dustyluinteriors.blogspot.com).  I have always loved china and like to added here and there either as a grouping on the wall or simply a pretty piece bedside.  These peonies above are actually sugar (www.cakejournal.com) but look at the soft and delicate petals which can be translated into an occasional pillow or just photographed on a large scale.

Mixing metals, glass and old furniture creates so many textures of interest.  The crustier, more wrinkled, overpainted yet soft in colors the better .  Gold leaf is a must and should be old, cracking, chipping basically coming off all over.  Mix whites and creams, use a lot of linen, bring back the chintz and mix the patterns.

Ashley used these vintage earrings as place-card stands . .  clever, and my Kate loved that !

I started thinking about it and these amazing vintage art pieces I recently got for myself at Market came to mind as well as some new designs from Osborne and Little !

This capiz shell chandelier and handmade lavender shell mirror would be something I would add into this look (available through www.lucyandcompany.com).

Mirrors of all sorts and in all frames need to, without a doubt, be a staple !  The reflective light and sparkle gives a room warmth !  Ashley was smart in her use of a large mirror with a note added to the glass . .

… I recently found and stocked these amazing beaded pillows to add to my installations as well as these great gold accent mirrors. The silver quilted pouf is also a new item we have available, use as an accent “chair” in your living room !  The looks of metallics, shells, mirror is shown well in this image I have saved for a while from www.cocokelley.blogspot.com !  Love it.

We recently added a new line of hand painted fabric at Lucy and Company.  These fabrics (and wall papers) are truly amazing and original (stay tuned for the Rothe Install later this month - great example of the use of this paper!)

And take a look at the perfect rug to finish the look, a little sparkle mixed with the pastel colors.  All a recent find at the NY Gift Show !

The look of “vintage” chandeliers do come new with the look of old.  The thin arms mixed with the wood on this piece works and adds elegance.  This chair also added a little whimsy and elegance.  Stay tuned for my spotlight on Shawna Robinson next week!

While available at Anthropologie retail, we also carry these fun placements !  The girls will pull out their crayons and keep themselves busy while waiting for dinner !

It was a special day spent with my family and friends.  Lucy and Kate had so much fun dressing up and dancing with their dad and my girl Lindsey looked amazing.. it was nice to meet her fiance … yes that wedding will be next !

Bon Voyage Ashley and Marshall. Don’t have too much fun in HAWAII … we wish you all the best!

- Beth

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