A New Room for Gus . . . install of the week no. 1

Hi all . .  put together a quick face-lift today.  A young couple, who’s nursery we did last year came to me recently wanting some help the main living space in their small bungalow.  Small room, small budget - no problem.  Just a few quick fixes help transform this neutral room, which my client felt was “not as young and fresh” as they were (and they were right !) to a brighter, younger and color-filled space suitable for them, a young baby and their Great Dane.. Gus !!!

Take a look at the Before …

I first wanted to tackle the lack of storage for their TV equipment, then I infused the color. Working on a budget, I decided to spend almost all of it on a new rug! Something full of color and punch !!  I then took the remaining $ and hit the vintage shops.  The funny part was, I would have probably done this on any budget because I was mixing their existing vintage pieces and wanted to incorporate another BUT in a way that was similar in style but more updated!

I found this great piece, removed the door, and called the painters. The size was perfect to house the cable box and receiver as well as a few decorative pieces in a crowded corner.   We pulled the colors from the walls - which we changed from tan to light grey, sprayed the piece but added the peacock blue from the rug to the inside for a nice pop and of course a new pair of knobs.

I repositioned the sofa for better TV viewing and to leave room for their new painted piece, moved the chairs to the other side of the small room and filtered in a few new pillows.  Now while typically I would face the sofa to the TV to create a “foyer” by the front door where there was none, a Great Dane needs some space to move around.  It works, looks open airy, clean and crisp.

The had some great side chairs in a neutral which worked and a lot of fun accessories I just moved around for a new look !

I think Gus is happy !!!

Thanks Luczc’s it was fun !!!

- Beth

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