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With summer coming to a hot and quick close and school starting soon, I wanted to share some of the fun summer kid party ideas that came about.  My daughter, Kate, turned 7 this summer and we had the best time with all her girlfriends at the Mellow Mushroom, quite the cool pizza joint.  Very hippy cool…  It also screamed tie dye, which also reminds me of a lazy and fun summer activity. It was great to just sit back, order pizza and watch the girl dynamic… Take a look at the wonderful colors.

These beautiful tie dye image shots were taken by  Sarah Goodwin and are on her recent blog (that’s  Ashley’s Goodwin's sister) What a great photography team they are… Ashley also shot these pictures at Kate’s party…



On the bus at the Mellow Mushroom, a well contained place of chaos, and all the kid’s could go crazy with the graffiti (yeah.. I took those shots)


Another great idea came from my cousin Molly,  at a recent summer party for her son.. She is all about the details and did the most beautiful job.. Take a look . .

Check out the blue jello with the gummy fish !

The fun activity at the party was making your own boats, to then set sail down the creek, good to keep them busy, involved and creative …

All these great shots were taken by Molly’s sister and my other cousin Meredith Clayton - check out her site below.   Quite the talented crew …


Here are a few more ideas . .


And lastly  …

Kate’s party last summer. Nothing like a simple back yard Tea Party.  Simple, inexpensive and sweet !  Pictures by www.ashleystuartgoodwin.com/

Happy Birthdays !! Be creative!

- Beth

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