Spotlight . . . Shawna Robinson's Happy Chairs !

Happy Sunday Morning  … and hope all my northern friends faired well with the visit of Irene !

You might have noticed some very unique and whimsical chairs on our site lately. These are the works of art of Shawna Robinson, Owner and creator of “Happy Chair” www.shawnarobinson.com.  I met Shawna a little over a year ago when I helped her with a nursery she was working on for the Newman’s. For all you NASCAR fan’s that’s Ryan Newman and his wife Chrissy.  It was a great collaboration and shot beautifully by Ashley Goodwin (www.ashleygoodwin.com) We put our heads together and produced our version of “cabin chic” that was calm and peaceful for their new baby girl! Take a look …

Shawna, herself was a driver and in the business for some 20 years, but a driver with a love for design which goes back even further !  Her unique style and creativity amazes me, not to mention her shop and showroom chalk full of fabrics, trimmings, projects and a staff of talented seamstresses! Her pieces are such one-of-a kind gems and add that “something special” to any room they are placed !  Meet Shawna.

I made a visit recently to her workroom and design studio.  I was blown away at all the inventive, creative and unique pieces I was seeing in production and thought I would give you a visual tour of her shop.

These pieces are in the works.  Shawna chooses all the furniture pieces herself and hand stitches all the beautiful details …

I have incorporated, recently, two custom chairs in rooms I have created. It has been fun pulling the fabrics to use as well as describing but then deferring to Shawna to find just the right size for the space. Each piece is distinctive, individual and truly special. Remember these . . from out previous post.  I described my colors and she ran with it and I could not have been happier !

Photo’s by Beth Keim (www.lucyandcompany.com)

Take a look at some of her creations …

Thanks Shawna and look forward to working together on our next project !

- Beth

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