Boy Oh Boys . . . install of the week no. 2 and 3 !

Brothers … brothers that shared a room, just because ! I love that they loved to be together.  But the time had come, said my clients Beth and Paul Hechimovich, as well as their sons John Ryan and Henry.  I was delighted that they came back to me (we did their girl’s rooms a while back) to help create two individual spaces for each !  Both boys have different interests and both rooms were completely different in size and scale.

Where to start ?  Sleeping needs and room scale… and the look they want.

John Ryan’s Room is large and long and lacked storage, but he had a large closet (as did Henry’s) so a dresser was not key.  He had twin beds we were going to work around, but after zooming in on a style, I suggested a new type of bed.   I love upholstered headboards for boys, they are tough, simple and can stand the test of time.  My client himself steered the directions with the large scale map.  I decided to use it as large art behind the bed and used the trim detail to tie back to the large bookcases, storage cabinets, side table and lamp . .  here’s the inspiration board we started with:

…  and the final product …

We added a floor lamp and occasional side table to our original design plan as well as a custom art piece by Keith to also give John Ryan the Red Sox’s he loved.

Found this great, large antique floor mirror, perfect for a blank space.  Reflecting the light and the interesting textures around the room was an added bonus !

The map on the wall we ordered and decided to frame out to speak back to the furniture.  We used 1 x 4’s stained them dark walnut and added wood disks painted in a black/brown combination to resemble the nail heads in the furniture !!

Great room, and a room that will not be outgrown !

Next up to Bat . .  Henry

Henry, with this crazy and wonderful blond hair loved two things I showed him . . the rug and black and white houndstooth ! Wise beyond his years I say.  He took over the the guest room and we retired the iron beds and green walls.  The best size bed for this space was a queen and with the rug and black and white houndstooth he brought to the table - the room evolved into this inspiration:

We also added two custom art pieces over the bed to create a large focal point.  Your side tables can match and be very symmetrical or you can mix it up.  No rules.

We pulled the wall color from the rug and added a very large bookcase.  I was a little nervous about it’s size, but the open sides help keep it light even though it was so huge.  It also tied back to his brother’s room across the hall.

I am loving the influx of boy’s rooms as of late. While my girls are frequent, it’s been nice to see boys showing an interest in their spaces !!

Enjoy the long weekend !!!

- Beth

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