Taking the Day Off . . .

Labor Day Monday !!!  For all of you at the beach with your toes in the sand, saying good bye to the long hot summer . . I say enjoy (and I am jealous) !  For those of us in Charlotte NC . . the forecast is rain or at the moment, muggy and overcast. Now when I was at the grocery store yesterday, getting my hotdog buns, my checkout friend and I decided we were kind-a happy about that.  Good day to chill inside on the sofa (what I am doing right now, while I type) or just goof around.  We both felt lucky to have that chance today, nothing planned.

So here I am, lap top burning a hole in my leg, glued to the Discovery Channel watching the series RISING: REBUILDING GROUND ZERO, produced by Stephen Spielberg.


It’s a six part series that showcases the men and women determined to rebuild and restore the World Trade Center site. It’s amazing, heart touching and frankly causing me to pause. I start thinking about spirit - about all the men and women working so unselfishly and tirelessly on site, I listen to their stories realizing they have labored, some at the cost of their own health, and many living with the absence of their own families.  They are determined, they are tough.  Ten years in the making. Their drive and heart is beautifully told in this series, not to mention the most amazing feat of architecture I have ever seen.

It’s Labor Day, and while I am resting and spending time with the family, I cannot help but think of all the people who are out there working their 24/7 jobs to make all of our lives easier.

So in the Spirit of Americana I am thinking Red, White and Blue . . Patriotic design colors.

I must say . . it pains me a bit to think of my split focus  . .  tragedy, rebuild, labor, the hardship of others . .  and then interior design - REALLY ?   But, it’s what I do, I try to make my surroundings and those of others pretty, creative, calming, and happy which can sometimes seems totally insignificant and small, but at the same time it can bring just a moment of joy in what can be a harsh and unfair world.  And not even to begin to compare … I see what the architects and designers have created for World Trade Site.  It is truly a thing of architectural beauty and just may lighten the spirits of those who lost so much and give them a place to reflect and remember.

Let’s take a look at the strong images you think of when you use Red, White and Blue !

A little r/w/b wall paper . . red lacquer quilted, navy grass cloth, hand stenciled blue and white grass cloth.  Try any of these on an accent wall or ceiling.  Maybe the back of your built-ins.  Available at www.lucyandcompany.com

If you’ve been in our showroom your’ve seen our Rubber Chair . . it’s a fan (and kid) favorite . . quite the conversation piece (but save your pennies)  How about one in Red to spice up that Den !

Came across some images which I love . . let’s bring NAVY back …

Image credit goes to www.decorpad.com and www.msmagpiedesigns.com

Let’s see that George Nelson Mid Century sofa again … Love that design !!!

So enjoy the day - mountains or beach, or even your den sofa, and as I hear the garbage men in front of our house on a day I thought there would be no pick up . .

I make sure I take a minute to wave and say thanks !!!!

- Beth

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