The Finishing Touches !

Hi All,

I have been shifting gears all week . . . girl's room, boy's room, the designer house, grown up space(s).  It's been fun and design wise on the opposite ends of the spectrum . . it's never dull. 

Today I add few new (and final - who are we kidding.. nothing is "final") pieces to the home of Betsy and Stokes Houck here in Charlotte.  I have known them over 12 years and it was fun to see how their (and my) tastes have changed over the years (thinking way back when I help with the bright hand-painted of their dining room!).  It was fun at the time, but I think all of our looks have gotten a little more sophisticated !  A few years ago they completely remodeled their home.  Betsy did a great job on color, cabinetry, fixtures, fundamental pieces and great art finds.  She and I have been working to filter in the dramatic, fun and unique pieces !  Take a look . . 

In the Dining Room now, we have added 2 upholstered chairs to contrast with her vintage leather ones, a new rug and buffet lighting, as well as these sensational window treatments (Nina Campbell, available at www.lucyandcompany.com)

In the front Living Room, we decided to do a venetian plaster in navy. . . maybe I should say Keith did.  I love venetian plaster, it feels like marble and look at the depth !  We took two new counter stools I ordered and reupholstered in a great new Romo fabric, silver leafed a flea market table (again.. sorry Keith did) and found two amazing press leaf silk pillows.  We are working replace the matching club chairs with two new chairs I also found at the flea market and am having lacquered and recovered in the most amazing fabric. . . it's a process !

take a look at the fabric I was talking about on my upcoming chairs !!! so yum !!

When you move from her Foyer, past her Dining and Living Room, you come to her new Kitchen and back Den. . . we decided to do a "double sided" sofa !!  Being such a long room it totally worked giving you seating by the fireplace and over in the TV area !  The pillows are a hide graphic and the new chandelier is twig, rustic yet modern !
A new pair of Lee Chairs in a lighter fabric brighten the room and custom pillows mixing in texture and color !

Betsy's house is filled with great art, which is key (along with lighting) and fun wall paper, check out the powder room.

The Master Bedroom is fresh and bright, but still mixing in the textures.  All new and all working together to make quite the get-a-way !

I am looking forward to the further tweaking of her daughter Mary's room and the upstairs den. . just a few pieces needed . . . always evolving !

The weekend's approaching . . . last few days of the March of Dimes House . . come by !

- Beth

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  1. Wow, lots of great things in this home. The stools and the double backed sofa are really awesome - such a smart idea for the sofa. And love the bright blue in the master!! Great job!