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Hi all …

Finding your inspiration . .  where does it come from?  A pillow maybe, a magazine clipping perhaps.  It can come from anywhere.  I recently came across this photo and it brought to mind two things.  Missing my brother in San Francisco #1, wishing I could have a private dinner party in a setting like this #2 and then the artist in me kicked in and I noticed all the colors …

I am constantly thinking about new combinations of color and texture.  I started pulling my fabric books just to see what’s new out there.  After a recently visit from both the Osborne and Little rep and the folks from Romo Fabric, I have noticed all the new ways to use red, lavender and turquoise.  Loving the combination, mixed with the fail-safe putty and pale grey.  Take a look at what can be done …

Red is a great punch color . .  in small doses or large . . love this vintage image.

I added these red glass lamps to my living room (of teal and grey with a touch of lavender) a while back and am still in love with the color combination . .

(photo by Ashley Goodwin, www.ashleygoodwin.com)

I scour the internet, books and magazine like everyone else.  Came across this image from Elle Decor of teal and grey, so pretty (but a little splash of red would be so fab !)

Check out what’s new from Romo . .

When mixed with red and teal, you have a great palette !!

How soothing is this Master Bedroom.  I am afraid I would never leave . . Thomas Britt designed this master in NYC - stunning !

And here he is himself . .  loving the red !

Color Inspiration can be found everywhere you turn around . .  just take a look !

Another great new Romo wall paper with my grey and blue.  How about a red sofa to go along with that!

Like this !!! Perfect.  Now whose up for it ? !!

- Beth

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