I'm A Giant . . . Giant Nerd !

The I'm a Giant" Challenge with Emily Henderson.  I find this a scream.  For one big reason . . . keep reading and your'll see.  Emily (Design Star Winner, Show of her own "Secrets of a Stylest," Great Blogger, and one of my favorite Interior Stylists) has handed out a challenge . . . to create a doll house - in any way, shape or form . . .

Now . . Lonny Magazine started all this back in 2009, take a look . . . 

During a photo shoot with Ellie (Sommerville) of Lonny Magazine, they were greeted by a camera crew from the new interiors website Curbed, and were handed a challenge,  assemble and decorate a dollhouse in exactly one week.  Take a look at what they came up with.

Now I started reading further and checking on the blogs of other creatives and became sucked in at the lengths they were going . . . 

Other's participating in this challenge  . . . 

Morgan's Oct. 6th post  www.the-brick-house.com 
Corbet's Oct. 3rd post http://www.girl-domestic.com/
Nicole's Oct. 13th post www.makingitlovely.com
Kirsten's Oct. 14th post  www.simplygrove.com

Now the reason I found this so humorous is simple. . . about a year ago I ordered this cardboard doll house for my daughter (well I ordered two) I wanted her to have the creative freedom to "go at it" as far as painting and design . . .  but of course the OCD in me knew I would want to get my hands on it . . so I got one for myself.  Obnoxious I know.  But we sat side by side and created our own "tiny homes" all color coordinated.

I used all my favorite Osborne and Little samples to design the background.  Here's a  look at the pre-furniture "tiny home" of my dreams !

I have a feeling my tiny house will be blown away by the other creatives !!! Wish I had more time, I would love to really get into it.  But looking forward to following the challenge !

-  Beth

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