Hi All . . .  it's been a busy week with the March of Dimes Designer House kicking off last Friday (post to follow) and my surprise escape to NYC with the family on the same day (that's to follow too . . ) as well as a huge sale at our showroom (big success . .  with a few big pieces still up for grabs and a ton of small baby shower items left, so come snag, we are in fire sale mode now) but, in the midsts of it all, did a quick install at the Copps . .  thanks to Lindsey's help in totally orchestrating, we did a fast facelift in a day . .  check it out.

of course - we did a quick inspiration board for her son Owen, who needed a more streamlined space  . .  we lost his bulky armoire and added a new headboard, wall mount shelves and slimmer dresser.  he's a big reader so the sconces did the trick in a more updated and teen boy way !

. . . and his sister Kiley (through the Jack and Jill bath) who also received the same streamlined look by de-cluttering, a new headboard, matching sides and lamps.  She loves a big splash of color, so we weren't afraid to mix it all up.  It turned out great!

now onto the large playroom just off the two bedrooms . . the sectional is on it's way so stay tuned !

Happy Rainy Tuesday !

- Beth

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