Last Minute Costume Touches !

Howdy . . 

It's that time of year, love it, and the weather is right on target !  During our trip to NYC the Bergdorf Windows were of course a destination of mine !  They never disappoint . . . check out the old school masks . . bring you back?  

This one really caught my eye and the light bulb went off . .  Lucy's costume.  Now she's not a big dresser-upper . . but she went for it !  Yeah, inspiration, and frankly pretty easy (as well as the fact I knew Keith would have major flashbacks on the finished look . .  being a former Punk Rebel !)

Ok . . . let the fun begin. . 

1.    Get Lucy to understand it's cool !
2.    Find some red fishnet stockings - check
3.    Saftey pins - check
4.    Google Biker Jackets and order an extra small grown up (and being surprised on the price) - check
5.    Give her the Ed Hardy T shirt I bought for myself that is 
          A. Too small
          B. Too cool
          C. I'm not 20 - what was I thinking ?

6.    Print out Button Covers . .  since we are last minute costume people and our stash of punk related
        buttons are in the attic somewhere - check.

7.    Pull out the spike collar I wore last week - check.
8.    Find the Doc Watson's . . . maybe not - so found a pair of cheap black lace up boots - check

9.    Pulled out the vintage plaid skirt we got in the Village in NY when this entire costume popped in
       my head, then take a scissor to it to shorten, cut the side, add more safety pins. - check
10.   Drag Lucy to a nearby graffiti wall to take a better picture and TA DA . . . here you have it.

Got to say . .  she was a little more into it this year . . .  as oppose to  last year ! No too happy . . .

But of course Keith and I were totally into it . . . (look at Kate . . . totally ticked she wasn't wearing pink with glitter !!!)

Wow . . how they've grown . .  and when I say Kate needs pink and glitter . .  I am not kidding . . had to find a witch with a PINK skirt . . . nothing has changed !

2011 !

Now our neighborhood get's into it . . . with the wall -o-pumkins, and our 14 foot Mr. Pumpkin with his spider buddies!

As far as I am concerned . . . for Halloween . . .  More is More !!!!

Gotta say,  my cousin Meredith Clayton gives me a run for my money . .  certainly with her amazing photo, and the costume design she always knocks it out of the park . . . take a look. . . 

And take a look at Ashley's son Schafer . . .  I just love this picture she took !

Enjoy the craziness  tomorrow night !

- Beth

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  1. I can not believe how these two are growing up so fast!