A Surprise Weekend . . .

Last weekend we had a little surprise up our sleeves.  Took the kids to Manhattan for a few days.  The weather could not have been any more perfect.  Now Lucy has been before, but it was Kate's first time.   I knew she would love it and had a feeling she would be just as mesmerized by the sights and sounds as I am, and she was.  She notices everything,  a "details" girl.  Wanted to share a few of images that caught my eye.  I felt inspired and came away with a few new ideas . . .  No rhyme or reason to any of this,  I just had my camera and was strolling my favorite neighborhoods !

A window display at  abc carpet and home
Walking to the West Side (from Union Square).  We were on the way to check out the new High Line.  I have always loved the exterior of the old Hotel Chelsea.

A 14th Street shoe store, all their interior columns were covered . . . so cool

The Thing/Thought: Fluxus Editions Exhibit at MoMA (and yes I had to look up the word "Fluxus". . so I will save some of you the trouble . . . )
All of the current exhibits are so worth visiting !!! 

Tea at The Plaza Hotel, maybe . . .staring at the ceiling and the chandeliers, and the flowers . . . for sure !
Pop Burger, across from F.A.O Schwarz

Exterior of Pop Burger

Godiva window, next to Juicy Coutoure on Fifth.

Kate is a huge Jackson Pollack fan, it was a "heart-holding" moment when she rounded the corner in MoMA and saw this and just paused !

The lobby of the Gansevoort Park Hotel. 

Standard Deviations:  Types and Families in Contemporary Design Exhibit at MoMA

Sights from the High Line . . 

Images from Cy Twombly's exhibit at MoMA

Lobby ceiling at Grand Central Station

Images from our walk down 14th Street and "Art in Odd Places"

Windows at the Chelsea Market

Plywood: Material, Process, Form Exhibit at MoMA - third floor and Standard Deviations:  Types and Families in Contemporary Design

First floor of the Flat Iron Building painted "Cup" hanging sculpture.

Love these "web" coasters at West Side gallery.

Lunch at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop on 5th and 22nd
on Top of the Rock

a show . . . the Follies with Bernadette Peters . . . so good.

Had to make our stop at Ms. Eloise's house and get a new outfit for "Juliette."

Outside of the Apple Store on 5th.
The 9/11 Memorial.  The fountains are amazing, it is a very beautiful place.

Keith ventured down the Washington Square Park.

We came home and Keith felt a little inspired as well . . . he started a new painting.  Was it Mr. Pollack, Mr. Twombly or maybe the (his words)  "Energy and Purpose at Washington Square Park," either way, I like where it's going.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !

- Beth

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  1. You packed a lot into your visit - how fun! Your photos are really great. My husband and I are going up in a few weeks and I hope we can do half as much as you and your family did. MoMA, the Met, High Line, are all on the list - as is ABC! I found you from Bryn Alexandra's blog.