Take a Tour . . .

. . . of the Charlotte March of Dimes Designer House.  But first, let me show you how it all started.

  1. Got the call and we went to check our our room.  Your basic bedroom, with two nice big closets and a very long alcove with window (what to do with that!)
  2. We realized, it's a Designer House and we could pull out all the stops and show our complete vision!
  3. We put our heads together, all four of us - Lindsey, Ashley, myself and Jena, with me of course being the most verbal and opinionated (no just kidding - that was Jena).  We all decided we wanted (and have wanted) to do black and white with a punch color and our fav at the moment is Kelly Green.  This conversation also turned into the design of our new showroom space on East Boulevard (hence the Big Sale, and getting rid of everything).  We then got excited about the thought of bringing the color combination into the showroom after the tour and work off of that.  We couldn't wait to come up with all the details for the house, so we got started!
I started pulling ideas on my "big wall" at home just to see them together and get a visual.

Then created my own inspiration board . . . 

And voi la . . . 

It was so much fun working with the girls.  Our subs were amazing as well.  Craig and his to-die-for carpentry work.  Our painters, Eddie and the boys not only helped up but pitched in and helped some of the other designers.  Ashley, our wall paper installer and electrician (don't you love the ceiling), and my Keith pulling off quick stripes and an original art piece.  

The tour continues this weekend Friday, Saturday and  Sunday.  I will be there both Friday and Sunday to answer any questions and give you a personal tour! 

Take a look at some other great spaces by fellow designers !  You don't want to miss it !

and the ever so delightful . . . Amy Sims !!!

Great house, great tour ..  come check out !

Happy Week

- Beth

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  1. Wow, your room rocks! I love the step-by-step on how you collaborated - and your design board of course. It's really great. Love the houndstooth runner and the green backed built-ins. That last sitting area is a stunner too. Great work!