Welcome Weekend !

Hi All,

It's the weekend, yeah !  I love when Marta and Jorge come over and clean all the kid goo, dog drool and sticky counters and make my house smell like lemons. . . and I wrapped up the week getting ready for my Friday night. . . kid-less and (thanks to the grandparent sleep over and husband night out) all to myself.  Usually order in, as not to trash my newly cleaned kitchen, settle on the sofa with my lap top, and download pictures of what I managed to pull off during the week.  This am, with my clean house, thought I would spruce up my own den with a few accessories.  Those finishing touches, as with ANY room, make ALL the difference and make it look finished.  This time of year I get a lot of calls to help "detail" a room, one of my favorite things to do and much enjoyed over the holidays !

Take a look at a few touches you can filter in to add that finishing touch !

Hit the back yard before the freeze comes and cut a few elephant ears, they last in water for weeks and weeks !  Think about a bench around your table as oppose to all those chairs . .  kids will love to slide onto, and make it vinyl of course for easy clean up.

My den is long and narrow, with windows on just the far end.  We filled one whole wall with cabinets and the TV, the other with a huge mirror to add bouncing light and give the appearance of width.  If you are floating a sofa or two, think about dropping a pendant for reading light

Ok. .  because I am on a bit of a roll, ran out and hit one of my favorite haunts to find a goodie or two.  Found these great greyhounds . . . the perfect touch for the living room fireplace, and managed to find some filler for a few clients I am working with.

and added my Halloween garb on the door . . .

and if I have time . . .  will finish my argyle pumpkin (thanks to the inspiration of Max and Ellie)

Next stop . .  the office, a few emails, see the girls and check out how the new showroom is coming along . . . take a look at a few new pieces that came in today . .  it's coming along, plan on being done in a week or so (stay tuned for a tour of our showroom look, coming in mid November) but here's a teaser!!!

When we were thinking of the re-design of the showroom we pulled our inspiration from two things:

#1 the designer house room we just finished. .  which I still love and brought back to the showroom,

# 2 mixing in the blues I am loving right now with the designer house black, white, and kelly green.

This is exactly the colorway I am going for !!!

. . .  had a quick meeting with a client to show her an inspiration board for her Master Bedroom . .  love when I have an empty room !

. . . met with another client, at her new home. . which, let me pause for a minute just to say . . it has to be one of the most amazing I have seen in a while - SO full of character. .  home of Windy O'Connor, artist, and overall stylista herself . .  it's about the go under a renovation and I can't resist showing just how amazing it is and knowing with her taste it will be even more stunning !

Art by Windy O'Connor, check out her web site !

. .  we met to go over her daughter's room.  Our Jena of Lucy and Company - did a great job pulling some options for her, and I went by to take a look at the space to see where we could use the fabrics and wall papers . . . good job Jena !! She loved everything and can't wait to start, and can't wait to watch the transition of this amazing home (stay tuned !)

. . . and lastly hit Coach on my way home to take advantage of a little sale. .  needed a fall purse, what a good day !  When you are as snappy a dresser as I am (and if you know me you are laughing) a good purse is all u  have !!!

. . . my favorite time of the week, late afternoon Friday. . quite (spotless) house, no chatter, DVR Q'ed up - let the decompress begin . . .

- about time to have a fire in the LR (even if i have to flip a switch rather than tot in the wood and delight in the crackle)

- had a good laugh at Donna (Destroying) Dallas - is this for real HGTV ?? I guess that's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

- had a bigger laugh at Horrible Bosses (decompressing here - need some non-thought provoking humor, and i am in love with jason bateman)

- had a bowl of captain crunch (which i call "desert cereal")

- experienced sheer joy in deleting every email i had time to handle this week - clearing out that inbox !!!

- and lastly . .  a select few of my favorite  "pins" to share with fellow blog junkies . . .

Just love this table, and the entire color scheme !

Great walls and sofa !!

I am in love !

Now I am in lust !

Happy Weekend !!!

- Beth

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