A Woman with Style

Hi All,

I was recently asked to help with a job out of town for a lovely woman, Judy Richardson, who, after seeing her amazing home and spending the day installing with her, was captivated by her style.  Her home is just gorgeous.

I met my installer today to pull together 2 rooms for her grandkids during their visits to town.   When we met, I think we instantly "got each other," her style, her wants.  The rooms were easy to pull together, as she had the large staples, I just wanted to help her take to the next level and  finish off.  We both loved the final product.

She graciously allowed me to take a few pictures of her home to show you a truly pulled together space, take a look !

Her Entry Foyer has these wonderful nail head details on the doors and walls.   A great accent for a small entry.

Her Front Living space is calming, so clean and crisp.  The furniture scale is perfect, as is the artwork though out.

Attached to the front living space a large bay window "ledge" with comfortable seating, a great view and furniture pieces with just the warming touch.

Her Dining Room has the perfect console, and every console needs a stoop, bench or ottoman.

Love the trim detail on the window treatments !

Off the Kitchen, a comfortable, smaller eating area.  The color palette through out the house is cohesive, and the flow inviting.

A small Reading Room with a wonderful wood ceiling and fireplace.  Again her use of accessories has just the right scale.  Large fireplace, large accessories.

And I'll take this Kitchen !  The island houses two benches for a cleaner, less "leggy" bar stool look, which can just clutter up a room.

The perfect countertop look !  Simple, textural, clean.

I ventured upstairs for my install . .  

And . . stopped by the Guest Room.  Great mix with the soft upholstered headboard, and sharp lines of the corner rocker.  Love the mix.

She purchased this great console from us, the perfect piece for guests to use for their personal pieces while visiting.

When we met, I wanted to help her continue her color palette, while adding a little youth and color for the girls when they visit.  I sophisticated look, yet with a bit of whimsy !

Here's where we started.

Her pieces, the beds, overhead and bedside table needed a back drop and this was the accent paper of choice.  Perfect, a little girly, yet not too young.  Brought the taupe in, from the rest of the home, yet added the requested color . .  pink.  We decided to contrast the beds with the pink linen panels.

We added a floor lamp, and I found this great side chair at the flea, had it re-sprung and recovered in a little graphic to contrast the organic paper.

We moved onto the on suite bath, added a stripe shower curtain, small chair and shades on the sconces.

A few accents, a great trim on the windows and you have it . . .  a finished space ! (Well almost, think we are adding a new round tufted ottoman to file the "between bed void." Great additional seating for the TV opposite, playing a game, of just putting your pillows when it's lights out !

We moved onto the boy's space . . . she had this great bedroom for me to work off of . . . 

In the play area, we added a rug, and new chair fabric and pillow.

I helped her place her art, and styled it up a bit, and now it's complete !

It was a fun day, loved helping and looking forward to another visit to Hickory.

Thanks Judy !

- Beth


  1. thanks alison ! I love working with this client . . . she has me working with all three of her daughters-in-law right now. i am in florida as I type installing three rooms for one of them !!!

    thanks again - beth

  2. This home is just gorgeous!! Loved every room!

  3. Hi - visiting via photos on Pinterest. This is such a lovely home. Thanks for the tour!


  4. In the dining room above the console do you have a picture of the paining? I am in love with that whole look!!