The Young Artist !

Hi All. . . 

Recently Noelle Vandiver's came to see me about her daughter Kathryn's Room.  She, like a lot of my teenage clients,  wanted a change from the sweet little girl, to the "cool" older girl.  Funner, bolder colors, a much needed desk, a new bigger dresser.  

I often start with an inspiration, and in this case it was a great piece of art my this young artist to be, with a natural talent and a great eye for an interest color combination !  I found this piece in the room and loved it.  The flag, decoupaged in yellow (her favorite), purple, teal.  She also had just purchased a new green polka dot desk chair . . . so my mission, to tie all that together, give her some new pieces, and generally updating the look !

Another requested was to use the 4 poster bed she had and incorporate a swing.. yes, a swing.  She fell in love it one on vacation . . . a little "woodsy" for me and for the look of the room, so bubble chair it was ! So cool, i am dying for one.

Take a look at the finished product and the details !

It was a fun project and I was excited to be able to use some colors I had not used. . . enjoy Kathryn ! And for the rest of you with tweeners who need to pump it up. .  give us a call !

- Beth

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