C'est La Vie . . . Sucklord

one of my favorite pieces, Episode 2 Challenge .. showcase movement, artist Jazz-Minh

If you are a Bravo fan and missing Rachel Zoe -  chances are you've caught a glimpse of, or have been totally sucked into, Work of Art, the Next Great Arttist  as your "reality" fix.  Now . .  I am not a reality show kind of gal, but have to admit Keith and I can't get enough.  I don't know if watching this group of talented, weird, creative, tortured, overly dramatic, intense, obsessed, artists makes us feel like we should both fine-tune any artistic talent we may have, or audition for the show, either way - we both are realizing that broadening our visions will be our challenge for the days ahead.

The art they are creating dramatically varies, and, like all art, you love it or hate it (or respectively appreciate it).  With that aside, it's an hour filled with what could be . . . the amazing mind of an artist, or simply the realization that an artistic mind should never be stifled.

About the show . . .

Producers Sarah Jessica Parker the people of Top Chef and Project Runway have come together to collect some 14 aspiring artists to compete for a coveted cash price and a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.  The judges completing the line up include China Chow (host and art enthusiast) Bill Powers (NY Gallery owner and literary art contributor), Jerry Saltz (NY Magazine Art Critic), Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (owner and curator of Salon 94 Gallery), Simon de Pury (world-renowned art auctioneer) who adds his voice of experience as mentor - (not quite  Tim Gunn, but equally stiff and equally knows his stuff, though most of the artists "don't care what he has to say.")

Each show, the artists are handed the challenge of creating a unique piece in which they can use a variety of mediums, and of course they are asked to push themselves out of their comfort zone while expressing their technical skills and challenging their creative boundaries.

Now . . . . the meat of this post, to pay homage, good or bad to some of the contestants we look forward to watching.  

First of all theres Sucklord, the creator of SUCKADELIC ENTERPRISES, based in Chinatown NYC.  He specializes in bootleg action figures.  His style. .  geek nerd and master of media manipulation.  He is a self-proclaimed "art world outsider."  While his art never spoke to me, it was engrossing to watch the level in which is personality softened and the immediate perception of his entire persona did a 180 degree turn for me.  In one particular episode, (the kid challenge) he started with  . . . what do I do with this kid . .  to not wanting to let them down by loosing the challenge.  

Sorry to see you go Sucklord . .

Now, while Sucklord was fun to watch, Kathryn was even more interesting.  Don't know her . . . this will jog your memory.

I will not deny her celebrated praises . . .

but sorry, didn't do it for me, a little too "road kill" . . again, why art is subjective.

On to my favorites . . . Dusty . . . 

Dusty is from Mountain View, AR.  He earned a BFA in sculpture and degree in Art Education from Arkansas State University.  He currently lives in Arkansas and teaches art at a public elementary school. His works have been exhibited in spaces such as the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis and the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock.  He dedicates his participation in "Work of Art" to his daughter Cora, born in 2010.

Kitsch Me If You Can Challenge !
The artist must use pieces of "bad" art as their canvas 

other thought provoking pieces by Dusty . . . 
and Jazz-Minh . . 

Jazz-Minh is from NYC, with a MFA from California State Univ. Long Beach, and an BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.  Jazz-Minh is a full time artist who is know for her swift painting skills.  She has received numerous grants and scholarships.  Her work focuses on the human psyche and is often infused with organic elements.  With solo shows in NYC, San Francisco, LA and Paris and various publications . . she's one of my favorites and front runners.

So turn in to Bravo's Work of Art . .  . Nov 3oth.  I believe there is a "witch" among the ladies.

- Beth

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