DeClutter that Boy !

Hi All . . . 

Finished a teenage boy room today.. just a few quick fixes to de-clutter him !  My client's biggest wants . . . new desk, dresser and beds . .  then I talked her into a few little things!!! It happens a lot . .  little boys get bigger !  They need to spread out and they need bigger beds !  

We decided to work with her existing window treatments - a great Ralph Lauren Stripe and work off of that. .  Take a look at the Board.

Take a look at the Before Pics . . .

We took out the old dresser and small desk (side by side above) and added a new custom desk that filled the whole niche!  Over the desk, and filling the wall - he now has a wall-to-wall burlap covered push pin board for all those pictures and sports paraphernalia.

New upholstered headboard, new plaid pillows to tie back to the drapes, great new side table and lamp - bigger and sturdier.  All the woods are different, but come together in the lamp tones !

Call this streamlined for little boy, turning big boy !

- Beth

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