A Feast. . . for the Thanksgiving . . . Eyes !

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin and spice . .  I thought I would  share a few images in keeping with the colors that come to my mind on this day . . 

The warm tones . . . turmeric, ginger, crimson, pumpkin, gold, eggplant, aubergine, carmel, cacao . . . 
mixed with 
The cool tones . . . .  peacock blue, cream, white, grey, silver
to me . . . that's a combination that always compliments.

a lucy and company dining room

a lucy and company dining room 

a favorite lucy and company dining room  . . .

I have always loved the combination of oranges, copper and peacock blues . . .

When it comes to holiday table setting decor . . . I love to keep it clean and simple and let the food do ALL the talking!  

This clean and simple centerpiece can be mixed with a simple burlap table cloth to show off the pretty colors of the food, the room and the china . . .

Have a wonderful day with family!

- Beth

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