I am Floored . . . (and door..ed!)

Howdy . . .

Bored with your doors . . .  ready to loose the 'Iron-Clad" black on all of them . . . ready for something different.  And how about those floors . .  stained hardwoods everywhere . . . or tired 'ole wall-to-wall.  I am on a mission to slowly change out a few things at my house (including my old black doors), thought I'd share what I am finding out there . . . 

Love a good tile entry . . . I would keep with a neutral. . . cause I am a color changer, and grey goes with anything.  Great patterns here.

Still not sick of Chevron . . love it and is one above is amazing, as are the upholstered doors !

Another pair of great doors above.  All of these create such an entry!

Now we've alls see "doors" as headboards, but these are stunning !

Now we all have to store our Windex and Toilet paper, might as well turn the wall into art !

photo compliments to Lisa Sherry's trip to Hickory Furniture Co.

Ok. . not only digg'in the ceiling in this dining room, but these pocket doors - dying !

Slick !

Stripes I love, Doors even more !

We just ordered the new tile for our front stoop at the office . .  a black and white which we plan on using in a chevron pattern . . . 

How about a fresh coat of gloss white !! Like a car. . shows less dirty than dark wood !

The more beat up the better !

How about something special for that mountain place !

How about color !! Love this.

Photo Compliments to Emily Henderson

Photo Compliments to Martha Stewart

Photo Compliments to Martha Stewart

"Shut the Front (upholstered) Door"  these are great . . . and certainly not dull !!  Is it Friday yet !!!!

- Beth

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