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Hi All. . .

Lovin this. . . I am, the colors, the pattern. .  everything about it.  So I was thrilled when my client Sophie Collins and her mom Amy Boardman Collins trusted me to incorporate it in her new room.  It, along with the bed, which was a piece from out showroom, were my two inspiration pieces for the re-do.  Lucy and Company has a huge sale not too long ago, selling off the entire showroom for our new "Look" and Amy snagged this great upholstered bed.  I then just ran with it . . . with the fabric OK from Sophie, and a lot of trust from Amy !!

photo by Ashley Delapp

Big 'Ole Window Treatments !
Panels for the double window, Roman for the other . . .

A new Egg Chair, Amy actually found . . .

The room looks so much bigger than before. . . I took the blue of the bed, painted the walls to match with a subtle horizontal stripe and repeated the blue in the coverlet. .  then popped in the color.

Black is a great accent color, pulled from the fabric.  Love the new bookcase and mirrors.

Added a new dresser  . . 

Re-used her mirror, which tied back so nicely with the cornice (again a showroom sale item !)

Have to have these lamps . . . for that splash of Pink. . . and I am loving the little vintage mix of the flea market side tables (reminds me of mine growing up).

An Ta-Da . . . a grown up, sophisticated look for a young girl. . (though Amy and I would gladly it keep for ourselves !!)  The rug, not an overdone shag. . . but a sleek black and grey.. perfect.

Call us at Lucy and Company and we will be glad to help with your tweener !!!

Fun project, great, trusting clients !!!

For me, the best part was a one-day install !!!

This was how it looked at 9:00

And here we are at 4:00 !!

It was as busy day . . . Ashley was working on an install of her own just down the street . .  here's a sneak peek at what she was up to . . . 

Stay Tuned and Happy Thursday!

- Beth

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