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Hi All . . . 

I love, love, love this color combination . . Mint, Taupe and Peachy-Pink and was thrilled to be using it !  
There is something about the colors together that is just so beautiful.  I came across other equally pretty inspiring images to get you all to ponder the combination . . .

Finished an install today, with a few final details . . 

I am working with the Freeman's. . . not just on their daughter's room, but future family room . . which I am totally looking forward to.   They have a great house on an equally great piece of property, pond included, which reminds me of growing up in Wilton, CT.  Our place backed up to a pond and bird sanctuary . .  and their house is so similar.  I love it, from the moment you go past the gate and are greeted by the sweetest of dogs.  The house is tucked back in the trees, single story with tons of character (and potential !)  With baby no. 3 on the way, they have doubled up the girls in a big, long room.  Not to many challenges, except maybe an off center window.  No problem . .

Take a look at what we finished today . . .

For me the starting point was the great osborne and little wall paper full of my favorite color crush of the moment, mint green.

and the perfect touch of peach makes for a great combination of all girl . .  and that's what we have 2 of them.

Take a look at some of the details.  The lamp for one.  The shade is made of torn brown bags with the most amazing rose overlay. .  mountain chic.

A little graphic on the pillows, the grey coverlet blends in with the 4 poster bed so you eye goes to all the great wall paper detail not bedspread.  And the beds are a color that will stand the test of time.  Forgo the pink beds . . 

. . and here's that weird window, off center.  We used the fabric that matched the wall paper as not to call attention to its odd placing !

A floating bedside table was designed to easily allow the trundles to pull out, yet has a door for hidden storage, floating shelves for that cup of water or a bedtime store book !!

Grey is a great neutral for pink and mint . .  it's soft yet keeps it from looking overall too pastel !

It's definitely woodsy - chic room.  Girly enough for the little girls, yet in keeping with the spirit of their home.  Take a look at how I put my thoughts together . . .
. .  and can you believe this amazing rug !

My thoughts on mint . . . punch it up with a warm tone contrast and go for it . . 

Happy Friday !!

- Beth

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