"Where Ya Been You Ask" . . . Hunker'in Down !

Hi fellow blog junkies . . . 

It's been a week, the Halloween candy is dwindling down and the leaves are really turning and I've pulled out the fleece !  One of my favorite things to do is check the doings of fellow bloggers, search for inspiration in odd places and create a post or two of some of my favorite things or just what we have been up to at Lucy and Company - but this past week was a week full of meetings and paperwork !  All of us, Jena, Lindsey, Ashley and myself were pulling options, running to showrooms and putting our creative heads together on several new clients and projects . . .   We start with our inspiration boards. . . so I thought I would share a few . . . this Fall will be filled with new things and new spaces for some of our new-found clients, Take a look at our crazy week . . .

Ashley has several things in the hopper, a couple of long distant jobs, which have their challenges, but can be accomplished.  She is working on a new room for a young girl who is ready to update.  I love what she pulled, and they loved the idea of Navy and Pink . . . one of my favorites too.

Here was her thought process . . . 

"anyone who has ever worked with me knows i almost always start a design with an inspiration fabric.  this project was no exception.  i found this fantastic graphic pink/navy modified ikat that i thought would look amazing as window treatments.  next, i threw in some coordinating fabrics, found the absolute perfect rug to tie it all together, and set out to finish the room with great accessories.  the tiny bit of orange in the rug was my unexpected 'pop' color that i sprinkled delicately around the room.  i'd been eyeing the incredible jonathan adler lamp for quite some time and knew it would be right at home in lauren's room.  a vintage mirror lacquered in orange replaces her existing 'matchy-matchy' dresser mirror and takes her existing furniture up a notch.  painting the walls a soft warm gray will help the room feel larger and set off all the bold patterns and colors.  stay tuned, i can't wait for you to see how this one turns out!"

Me . . . a quick meeting with Shawna Robinson to discuss a new project I am helping her with . . 
She described two sisters.  One is "wide open" loves hot pink, turquoise,  black and white.  This combination can be a loud mess . . but done the right way . . . goooood ..  The other, a younger sister. Shawna asked for "Lucy and Company Sweet," hummmmm. .  That means to me - pretty, somewhat sweet with an edge pastel with an interesting color palette and even more interesting pieces !  Take a look at both directions !

Would this wall paper not be great in a bath or just a back hallway !!!

Where's the turquoise you ask?  . . . filtered into the bonus room off the bedroom . . . Bedroom Part II . .  a great space for sleepovers !  We are continuing the black and white in there with the carpet and it's main color will be the turquoise . . with a few hot pink accents to tie them both together !!

and of course . . no playroom / "skit" room / dance room is complete without my version of a 
disco ball !!!

Now how about that sweet . . . "lucy and company" look . . .

I love the side table with the chandelier !  Mint walls . . . so fresh and a color that is so beautiful with lavender and shades of blue !!

and I am in love with this new Osborne and Little Lavender Stripe !!

Now that takes care of the girls we are working on . . . let's see what else is going on !!!  Both Ashley, myself and Lindsey are working on projects to complete for the holidays . .  a Dining Room, and two Den's for three new clients and a small nursery for a little boy . . . Take a look at the direction we are going in . . .

Lindsey . . . hit 77 N for a visit to an on-going client who is ready for a living space update . . . her color palette . . . oranges and blues.  Take a look . . .

"I love this client and was so excited to help create this fun space . . . my clients number one want was a comfortable place for the kids to hang out and watch movies, yet sophisticated enough for the entire family.  I found this rug at market and it was my jumping off point.  Fun part about this project was the color scheme.. no constraints, no adjacent rooms to consider.  I love when a client walks in, sees an inspiration board and just says LOVE IT... we are rolling with it and cannot wait to see the finished product !!"

Loving the rug and poof !!

Me . . worked on a quick Boy Nursery . . . . the inspiration is coming for an image she saw in a Pottery Barn Catalog of a wood tree . . . no offense to Pottery Barn, but let's mix up the furniture .. no matching sets for me . .   Great Schumacher wall paper, I found last week for another job . . . but using in a totally different way  - and how about a desk as a changer, looking for pieces that will last.  Mixing in an iron side table and a great burlap covered bookcase ... Cute, and not over the top baby, just the way I like it.

Ashley is also working on a Dining Room with it's own challenges as well . . it's very long, lacks light and we need to incorporate in interesting collectable . . . Toby Mugs !  I love these mugs, but we both thought they needed to be used in a more interesting way, rather than just on a sideboard !

Side note  . . . 

Take a look at all the great finds !!!

The floral fabric speaks back to their existing wood dining room chairs, we are just adding upholstered in chairs in the Ikat.  Their china which we LOVE... and how about those mugs as an art installation on the wall, resting on cubes ! Totally loving the chandelier - it's long, as is the table !  Spread it out . . .  Don't forget to think about your china . .  it's a weird thing with me . . . once that table is set it all jives and compliments each other !
And . .  back to  Me . . I am working on a den  .  . .

One in particular I am excited about for several reasons,  1. love my clients, young, new to Charlotte and just fun to be around and 2. they need a little color in their beige and brown Den . . .  which, if I have my way, will bleed profusely all over the house !

I created 4 inspiration boards . . . but here's the winner !  What we loved was the color scheme, that will continue into the dining room for Phase II.  The dining room comes with  gold velvet upholstered chairs and a red rug, with chocolate walls.  We are infusing the blue.  My grand plan is to tie together den, kitchen, dining room (and foyer) creating an interesting, cohesive color palate, filled with interesting pieces and amazing fabrics !

Here's my before . . . a whole lotta tan going on. .  they want some color !

And take a look at her inspiration . . . 

We tweeked the carpet (turned area rug) choice and switched out our side table option .  Yummy David Hicks !!

An later on . . . this whole colorway will move into the dining room, without changing the chairs, rug and wall color . . just with new windows and area rug in the sitting room off the dining !!!

Wondering what else we considered . .  here are those boards . . .  I like to show people lots of choices . .  maybe you'll want one of those !!!

Ok . . . where is Jena . . . finishing school . . . don't know how she does it.  She's working with us, helping with ordering, installs and finishing school !  I can't wait and I am sure she can't either !  That's a lot of juggling !  She did have time for a quick nursery design and install . . . take a look 

Take a look at a few of the other options that didn't make the room, that we loved as well !!!

So . . . just another week in the life . . . . . a lot of designing going on, but stay tuned to see how they turn our for real !

Happy Monday . . . 

- Beth, Ashley and Lindsey . . and Jena !

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