A Color Coordinated Christmas . . . Surprised ?!!

Are you kidding . . . of course !  Nothing I love more than a beautiful Christmas House !  This year we are actually starting a little early (for us anyway)  Here's how our Saturday went . . .

1.  Keith a.k.a. Clark Griswald, untangled all the lights - I am weird about all the same color lights outside . . . this year - all white.

2.  We have a blue thing going on in this house . . . so our wreath this year . . . real of course, with balls of blue and green . .  

3.  Tree No. 1 Let's call this "my tree" in the Living Room.  Our living room is Peacock Blue, so my colors of course are just silver, white and gold.  The walls are strong enough. 

4.  Now here's where I get a little carried away . . . Christmas wrapping . .   Got everyone involved and "painted" our paper.  Very simple.

  • White Craft Paper
  • Latex paint . . . in our colors of choice . . blue, green, and a little chocolate brown for depth
  • Wrap the gifts first, then line up on a drop cloth
  • Dipping your brush in the quart of latex "drizzle" Pollack Style on all the packages, let dry.
  • Flip the packages and keep going !
  • Ribbon in same colors, but added a color opposite on the color wheel to mix it up 

Take a look at the finished product . . .

I love to raise the tree up in a pot and take off some of the interiors branches to see more of the branch.  You can also cluster more than one tree, smaller sizes in pots.  I also line mix the tree type, wreath type and garland type.. all real of course, but using pine, blue spruce and boxwood !

On to the Dining Room
and dressing up a naked table !

I love my dining room.  When I re-did my living room I pulled the curtain fabric down (which matched the Osborne and Little Wall paper) and used it on a chair to tie the two rooms together.  I added the upholstered cornices to then bring in the blue.  But my favorite addition was the chandelier, recently purchased !  Love it.  The table was my parents, a piece we got in Dublin when I was a kid and we have all used over the many years.  It cranks (literally) out to add 3 more leaves, seating about 30.. just kidding, but easily 12.  I love to think about the table setting for the holiday before the day of, so that day it isn't such a harried mess . . 

Here's where I plan to start . .   The charges that we use on a regular basis tone down the formality of the foil wall paper, but seeing as I have about 30 of them (left over from my wedding some 10 years ago)  I think I will paint them . . 

Stay tuned for the final product !

- Beth

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  1. I love that you are not afraid of color and that your home reflects that. The blue theme you have going on is awesome. I love the tree and the wrappings.