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Hi All . . 

One of my favorite clients, Rebecca Drendel, came to me a while back for help with her master bedroom.  It was one of my favorite jobs.  She tells me it is now her "refuge" and the place she goes to "relax and hang out" which means . . job well done and the reason I love what I do.  While husbands, who usually just go with the flow without much comment, gave me the ringing endorsement of loving the sheep skin rugs, "his favorite part and the highlight of his morning . .  stepping on it !"

We moved on to small parts of the main living area an dining room.  Take a look at a few of the finishing touches we put in last week . . .

The dining room needed a new chandelier . .  this beauty now hangs over the table . . love it so much!

Delicate and beautiful with its ceramic buds. . 

a few table top holiday accessories for the holiday season, compliments of West Elm and easy to do.  Just layer in a few bottles and glass with something a little softer and organic.  A look that can hang out past the holiday season !

We also added a touch in the kitchen breakfast room . . this great chandelier.

Rebecca found these amazing lucite chairs . .  good job!

And around the corner we had this living room built in to contend with.  Dated, yes you could say, bulky - absolutely !  Functional, sure, but not so pretty.  It had to go.  We talked about a piece more streamlined, thinner, pretty . . .  Purchase #1 a new T.V.  

The finish product !

I had my carpenter tear out the old.  We added a piece with plenty of storage on the bottom, drawers and doors, but the top. .  I wanted something pretty.  With the addition of the thinner, bigger TV, we designed upholstered doors on a barn door track.  To the side exposing beautiful vases and the TV, and pushed to the center, hiding the TV and exposing the glass shelves.

Love it !

Thanks Drendel, pleasure as always . . 

- Beth

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