Frosty Glam . . . Christmas Glitter

Hi All . . .

Having been inspired by the shimmer and glitter of the sand and shades of white over Thanksgiving,  I have narrowed by holiday decorating down to all things shimmering - much to the approval of my 7 year   old.  She  pulled out the Martha Stewart Glitter Set (of 24 no less - which appeared in our "craft closet" one uneventful weekend), the minute I mentioned it.

So Glitter, White and . . . Newspaper (yes, newspaper) it is . . . But when thinking about the "look" thought I would mention, and show you just what comes to mind . . .

Mercury Glass, Shells, White linens, branches (maybe flocked)

When adding an accessory or two . . . how about a new foyer light . . 

Or Side Table Lamp

Or blown glass statement piece for the stairwell - very Chihuly inspired (which by the way - the real thing is in the Mint Lobby here in Charlotte,  if you would like to take a gander)

Rope is a good tie in . . . to keep things from being to slick and cold . . 

Chrome . . . absolutely.

A little mirror - yep . . . but don't over do . . . one is enough

When space is sparse . . . these are the perfect size, I have two next to my bed in the master.  Perfect for one lamp and shelves on the inside for a clean bedside look.

Now. . . onto the glimmer . . .
be sure to bedazzle your shoes . . . 

and onto the holiday decor.

I have decided to decoupage old christmas balls in news paper and a little glitter.

Adding a little garland of stars for the mantle and banister and vintage frames with black and whites . . 

Now down to the details . . . go get yourself the Essential Color ... Glitter Set.  Michael's has it, the box is even pretty !

And go get yourself some Krylon Glitter Blast !!!

And while you are at Michael's or any good craft store . . . pick up some realistic looking fruit - actual size, and some spray primer, and spray adhesive, as well as cheap silver christmas balls.  

Have fun in the garage or back yard with the spray glitter !

The key to all this is not to overdo it !  Just mix in here and there and keep it simple. . 

Stay Tuned!

- Beth

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