Idea of the Day . . More like the Year !

Hi . . . (this post will confirm your opinion of my OCD side . . .)

I say "Year" because it's a new one, and this is a project you should start at the beginning and carry on throughout the year.  New Years Resolution, keep it up, you will be happy you did.

Now, if you are on this blog, you have a computer.  If you are smart, you have an Apple.  I am an Apple fan, have 3 at home and 4 at the office, have the I Phone, have the I Pad, have the Apple TV, have the little white Apple sticker on the back of my car, made friends with an Apple employee, didn't buy stock when I should have - idiot.  Steve Jobs was my hero.  There is nothing easier than an Apple, there is nothing prettier than an Apple monitor on your desk.  No clunky hard drives sitting on the floor next to your desk, just a sleek, big pretty screen.

Here's the deal.  I was a Scrapbook-er forever, see . . .

I know, all nice and organized, but if you know me, the simple fact that the books, while similar in color, are not the same style, so of course that bugs me.  Go ahead and think what I already know.  I am ridiculous and all that.  Scrapbooks are great, because A.  they hold all your pictures, and B. they hold the cute scraps.  I don't often look at them, Kate loves to and someday she and Lucy will get them all and get a kick out of it, but man, it's a lot of work !!!

And this will kill you even more . .  I not ONLY created a family book, I did a book for Lucy and a book for Kate (AT THE SAME TIME !!) 

I know, don't even bother saying it.   But in my defense, I added the pictures as I got them back (from that archaic action. . picking them up at the photo store, which then graduated to ordering them on line).  I spent, maybe, an hour putting them in the books and not stuffing them in a box or drawer marked "will get to it as soon as I can" which means 10 years from now when the kids are older and I can't even remember the year the picture was taken.  It was a Sunday thing, loved it, it was fun... but the problem now is that I am running out of room and more importantly the I Book is just prettier and easier . . . see . . .

So I graduated . .  and I promise, if you start this new, simple task . . you will appreciate it in the long run.  If you are crazy enough not to have moved over to Apple land... you can do this on numerous sites . . Snapfish, Shutterfly, Picaboo, Photobox . .  it's endless.

But if you do have an Apple . .

1.  Load the pics into I Photo (that means plug your camera in and let it do it's thing).
2.  Once they are downloaded I dump the bad ones or Photoshop the good ones.
3.  Drag them into a file so you can find them all . . . mine is pretty basic here at the house, the big key is to tag or name the picture so you can find it within the file . . . or simply "Sort by Date" then they will be in order
4.  Now you are ready to make your yearly book . .

5.  Click on the file and then look at the bottom and click "Create."

6.  The amazing Apple I Book, does most of the work, let's you pick a style of book, hardback, softback, color, layout, etc and it basically creates it.  The fun part is customizing it.  That's where it becomes a total TIME SUCK... but totally fun to make it as pretty as possible.

Take a look at some of my pages for year end 2011.

The best part is you CAN put kid art, cards, etc in your book, you just need to scan them and dump them into I Photo, just save them as a JPEG and you are good to go.  Don't know how to scan?  You can even take a picture of the art then just download it as you would any other picture.

Above . . . both pictures and art . . .

So . . . as I wrap up my New Year's project . .  Book of 2011 (actually 2 volumes. .  cause I got a little too into photography this year) I plan on hitting the "Buy" button, pulling $300 out of saving . . cause again I got a little carried away with two books, each 100 pages . . . but totally worth it.

and P.S.  Mom get's one as a Christmas Present - which is totally great for the grandparents.

and P.S.S.  If you are wondering if Lucy and Kate are getting the shaft on their childhood memories by not having crap . . . sorry Scrapbooks after the age of 7 and 12 . . you would be correct.  They can fight over these pretty books later . . .

Happy New Year !!!

- Beth


  1. I really need to get a move on our photo books and this is great motivation. We are Apple owners and lovers too but if you can believe it still do not have Photoshop (mental note to download the software this week).