Install of the Day !!

Hi All . . . 

Fun install today for a fun client, mother of 4, who surprised her daughter with a new look to suit her age.  A room that will stand the test of time (so grown up !)  

I love that she came by the showroom and feel in love with our new color scheme, so much so, that it inspired her to go with a clean, sharp, crisp look herself.

The room was originally cobalt blue .  . a great color, and we toyed with the ideas on this inspiration board.  

An accent wall of wall paper in blue, black and white or maybe a green graphic.  But pure white was the direction we took.

We custom made an upholstered bed, in kelly green with white vinyl piping, matching green lamps on black tables.  This time I did black blinds with white tape for a more graphic, sharp look, borderline industrial.

I love these pillows, have them in the showroom, and my daughter's room.  They also are available in hot pink and oranges, as well as acid yellows.

We went with a new big desk, and added a large push pin board in painted kelly green burlap.

My team was awesome today.  We painted at 7:00 were there with all the goods by 10:00, out by 3:00.  Just the way I like it !  Nice surprise and fun day !

- Beth

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  1. I called you Lucy in my last comment - sorry about that Beth. But I'm so impressed by all of your installs. Your team is busy and obviously very efficient. This room is awesome - I love the emerald green. It's bold but still has a young vibe that will be loved for some time. I'm really impressed with all of the hard work.