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Last Friday night seemed to be the night for Christmas parties, outings, school plays and socials and we at Lucy and Company, while this is one the the busiest times of year, decided to take some time to do the same.  The girls and I had such a nice dinner out, after a frantic day of installs (with a mere five more next week!)  It was nice to just catch up on our personal lives, dress up a bit and eat way too much.  

I came home and crashed, Ashley went home and downloaded images of her install that day.  I love what she did.  While I saw her design board, it was great to see the final product and be surprised, just like her client Lauren Nydish, 13, who came home to the surprise, too !  Merry Christmas !

I will let her tell you about her thought process . . . First her design board.

'lauren's parents gave her a bedroom makeover for her 13th birthday, and i have to say, this is one of my favorite projects i've designed so far.  between two design options, lauren went with my navy/orange/pink concept.  i typically start with an inspiration fabric, but i fell in love with the jonathan adler lamp and that was all i needed to get the room going!  the rug was a perfect find and just happened to have all the colors that really pulled the room together.  lauren really likes navy, so i sprinkled it around the room.  there is enough to get the color across, but not make the room look dark. a new furniture layout, custom raspberry headboard, and a one-of-a-kind fabric designed by yours truly, take this room from girly to grown up.  i just hate i wasn't there to see her face when she saw it for the first time.  i hope you love it as much as i do lauren!'

Take a close look at the fabric Ashley designed herself . . . spelling out Lauren's initials.  It's amazing !

She added this pom pom pop along the edges, a beautiful job by our seamstress !

- Beth and Ashley 

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  1. Ashley/Lucy - this is amazing! I would love to be 13 again and hang out in this room. I'd be in there all the time. The draperies are amazing and so special - they must be her favorite item in the room. And I love the rug - it looks like it's even better in person by your photo of the room. I've used that rug on a design board before so I'm glad to see it used here with much success. Great great job!