Install of the Day !

Hi All . . .

I have been anxiously awaiting this install for a couple of reasons.

1.  I loved all the fabrics, colors and patterns.
2.  I loved this house as a whole.
3.  Couldn't wait to see it all together.

A little while back my friend Windy O'Connor came to me with a rug sample she chose for her daughter, Lily Rhook's room (check out our post from Oct. 29th)  Windy, an artist herself and a woman with great taste, just moved into the most amazing house and I couldn't wait to see it.  At the time I was super slammed.  I gave the sample to Jena and asked her to pull a bunch of fabrics and wall papers to go with the slightly unique blue in the rug.  It wasn't an easy blue.

Jena did an amazing job and she hit it on the first try.. Both Windy and I loved them and wanted to use them all . .  and we did.

My job now was to decide where . .    Jena found two wall papers, so we used them both.   She also found the perfect blue in a heavier upholstery grade fabric, we used that too.  We decided not to replace the bed, but rather to add an upholstered inset.

Take a look !

Having a hard time with color combinations ?  Well (almost) anything goes in my opinion, depending on  how you use it.. but if you are having trouble check your color wheel !!!  Try opposites on the wheel... usually always a winner.

The rug was our  starting pint... great shag.  And check out the close up of the inset panel on the existing bed.  Sometimes you don't have to totally ditch something.

We mixed in another paper on just one wall.  This Schumacher paper was perfect in that it lightened the room, combined the rug colors with the orange paper and next to those amazing casement windows, you get the feeling you are up in the trees.

A cottage style dresser and bed with a modern bubble chair.. sure !  Mix it up.  We also replaced the bell style lamp shades with a textured drum, and immediate updater !!!

Great art, interesting lamp, modern jewel box on a cottage dresser all add visual interest !

This, by far, was one of my favorite installs.  The overall look, youthful yet sophisticated and by no means ordinary or "mail order"  a true original . . . thank goodness !!

Thanks Jena, Windy and Lily !  Amazing.

- Beth


  1. It is amazing! I love the anything goes style. And this is one of my favorite color combinations too. I really love the upholstery on the bed.

  2. lily loves her new room! it looks like a chic hotel: )

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