Loft meet Ranch . . Meet Fun Family !

Hi All,

I have been looking forward to this install for a month . . .

1.  the style is all me, 2.  my client's are awesome, 3.  everything went smoothly, 4.  they were game for most anything!!

Ranch in South Park, wanting the look of an industrial loft? Hum . . .  Well, this image what the "look" I showed my clients, Dan and Paula Caron and their three simply gorgeous kids.   I got the go ahead.  I also had a clean and empty slate. .  empty room that is.  With a brick, 1 story ranch there are a few boundaries, but getting the looks is totally do-able.

Where to begin.  I actually began with the rug.  We did this rug in the Designer House and I loved it.  Looks like a concrete floor - cool right.  I mixed in a new sofa, pair of chair and a few edgier piece like the coffee table, lamp and side table, and of course the eye catching art and wall paper.

We don't have the exposed brick, exposed duct work and 10 foot windows, BUT the look comes across

Their traditional dining room visible through the living room -  is now a "playroom, office" off the living area.  It ties in and in this case, we are not wasting much needed space with a room that won't be used !

One of my favorite things to do . .  the big wall paper "art"

The french doors are now a stand out black, and the trim work in the foyer is all grey to match the walls.  We added big fat horizontal stripes to give the thin hallways some depth and tie back to the colors of the living space.

Loving the low coffee table, with chrome wheels, has that loft look and super kid friendly !

and what a beauty this side table is !!  Loving the mix of wood and metal !

On to the former Dining Room turned Office/Play . . .

It started with a pop of color pulled for the Living Room - the mint green.  We added the black chalk board walls and the most amazing sideboard for storage !  A new custom desk over top file cabinets my client already purchased . .  a great rug in a strong bold pattern.  Fun, functional . . good.

Now . .  down the hallway and on to the girl's rooms - McKenzie and Chloe . .

McKenzie - Mom had purchased a great bed for me to jump off of.  We brightened up the walls, and added bedding, a side table and lamp.  I then needed to think of a desk and or dresser OR BOTH !
Very small room, so wanted it to have a double function . . .

What we came up with was a new custom dresser similar to the one in the inspiration photo, but lower.  Over the desk is a table on wheels which can slide out to use as a desk top.  Perfect !

Funny . . . found this not too long after I took a stab at designing mine . . . 

A Clean and Simple bedroom, with an amazing lucite art piece as a focal point . . . 

Now on to Chloe . . 

Bunks were the call here, as on occasion the girl's will double up when out-of-town company comes in and takes over McKenzie's room.  Again - open floor space, no-frill curtains, low profile desk, simple art.  The bunk has tons of storage below and on the side.. perfect !  And a re-cycled side table painted a fun color mixes the old and new for added interest !

Everything about his project was fun and easy.  Great clients, clean slate and a style I loved working with !

Thanks again Caron's !!

- Beth

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  1. cool mix beth, i really loved the coffee table with chrome legs, could you please suggest where can i find something similar?