On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me eleven pipers pipping
ten lords . .  of  london  leaping
nine ladies dancing
eight maid's a milking
seven swans a swimming in a sea of water inspired design
six geese a laying at the lake house
five golden Rings
four Calling birds
three french Hens
two turtle Dove
and a Partridge in a pear Tree

It's Christmas Eve.

This year we were determined to make, from scratch, Christmas cookies.  Not always having the luxury of that kind of time, this year we did (Keith pulled out the Kitchen Aid mixer that makes it's appearance come cookie time) and fulfilled my dream of domestic bliss . . .   We thoughtfully packed them in red plaid tins and made the rounds to the neighbors !

I picked out the plaid tins for one simple reason, I love plaid, and they were the least tacky within by tin buying budget.

You know where I am going with this . . . plaid.  I  love plaid and in tribute the Piper's Pipping . . .

I think I will share some images of a some of the newest fabrics and ideas all plaid inspired !

But first of all . . .Who wears plaid?

The print that popularized flannel shirts for the masses originated from the Tartan plaid prints of the Scottish Highlanders.  The colors and patterns distinguished between family clans.  Today, plaid isn't just for the flannel-wearing, but for the fashion loving.  It's preppy, it's practical, it's pretty.
Plaid stands the test of time . . .

Circa 1970

George Clooney rockin' flannel plaid

Circa 1980

Punk kids took on the plaid to mimic their British ancestors who wore plaid in rebellion against the British Crown

Circa 1990

a.k.a Kurt Cobain and the grunge scene making flannel plaid the new "alternative"

Circa 2000

British designer, Vivian Westwood, found inspiration in plaid (this circa 1970) and brought it back in high fashion.  She began her fashion career in the early 70's just as the prevailing fashions began to shift towards the aggressive look of punk.  

She embraced the concept of clothing as a means to beautify the individual, which is quintessential punk.  Her early work is closely associated with the essential elements of the style !

I love the use of plaid in interior design, whether it be in a fabric, wall covering, upholstery, or a rug.  It's one pattern I could either add in one strong dose or  fill a room with.  Speaking of  Vivienne Westwood, she has brought her designs the The Rug Company, take  look.

Plaid rocks !

How about some Christian Louboutin Steel Toe Tartan Plaid Canvas Loafers $995.00

So when you think of plaid in design . . does this image come to mind.  The wool plaid blanket?  Lake House, Mountain House, somewhat musty smelling, itchy maybe?  No, I kind of dig these blankets.   You may think all boy, a school girl uniform, picnic in the park, tailgating, Martha's Vineyard, Yale.  But plaid can come in a whole new twist and a whole new color . . .There is so much more to plaid.

A classic, and a strong visual. 
Image via Domino Magazine, Design by Barrie Benson

I love this color combination and texture, pretty in this coat, I would love it on a chair !

How about your walls.  This version, a loose plaid, hand painted, mixed is other plaids in the room, the one pattern you can add to and add to and it just works.

Don't you love the colors.  Osborne and Little.

An inexpensive piece and be doctored up with plaid!

These are a few of the many plaids we have available at lucy and company.  Some of my favorite ones.

Speaking of walls, we have done (or I should say Keith and the crew) our fair share of hand painted plaid walls.  This nursery was painted with an accent wall in the colors of choice.  Creating quite a focal point when you walk in the room !  You can have it too, give us a call.

Clustered drums lights, see how the different colors and patterns work together.  This compliments of Design Sponge

A few more images in my inspiration files . . . 

Wall to wall or a runner perhaps.

A pair of Knoll chairs !  Love.

One of our designs, a large plaid drum shade mixed with another plaid in the bedding.

The plaid I used here, was our starting paint, color wise . . 

Design and photos by Beth Keim

Another plaid wall treatment we did not too long ago.  In this case a very high accent wall with the overlay of a hand painted lacrosse player.  I mixed in plaid pillows as well.

A few more of our boy's room using plaid  . . .

How about an area rug, we can order as well . . . 

This wall treatment we did some 5 or 6 years ago.  Plaid is here to stay !

So jump on the plaid band wagon . . . 

I did in my living room . . . 

and have a crazy and fun Christmas Eve !!!

- Beth


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