On the Ninth Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me nine ladies dancing
eight maid's a milking
seven swans a swimming in a sea of water inspired design
six geese a laying at the lake house
five Golden Rings
four Calling Birds
three French Hens
two Turtle Dove
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Ladies, Ladies.

I wish I could wear a hat.  It makes me look even shorter than my 5 foot self.  I love them, as I do purses, but just can pull that look off.

When I think of "a lady" somehow the thought of an amazing hat hops in my head.

A fashion must in years gone by, a fashion detail on the runway, the icing on the fashion cake, and a desirable topic of conversion at any event in London.  The king of head toppers, Philip Treacy.  An artist, a visionary.  His creations are pure art.

Philip Treacy, Irish-born, has created a media frenzy over his unique (others would say awkward) hats.  Worn by the likes of Cher, Sarah Jessica Park, Lady Gaga, countless runway models and who can forget Princess Beatrice and all the other guests at the Royal Wedding.  He's the Mad Hatter.  The "ladies who lunch"(in big hats) stood in a rainy line at a Neiman Marcus couture salon to see his creations in person and before the model took to the catwalk, a few words from Mr. Treacy . . .

"There are no trends, a hat is simply the ultimate glamour accessory.  A woman gains confidence through wearing a beautiful hat.  Historically speaking, hats have been most popular during wars, because people just need a fantasy."

He loves to collaborate with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Alexander McQueen.  No surprise there!

A must in my TV line up, Project Runway.  A past challenge, designing around one of his creations.  I loved this episode !  Would you be game?

So when thinking of this post, I love to see just how fashion inspires design (it does start there ya know!) . . . Take a look.

Black and white, one of favorites. 

Love the "art ledge" Love the poufs.

The grout lines of this floor, make it !

This chair has given me a great idea for a flea find of mine (stay tuned).

Butterflies perhaps !!

If only the butterflies I had at my wedding gently flew up.  My brother, who released them, I believe got one stuck in his nose !

This is a favorite look I have been wanting to do for years . . .

but alas, have just been able to "sell" my butterflies on a small scale . . . a small grouping, swirling in the corner !

How about a piece by Tracey Bush

Remember this image from Lonny . . . sign me up.

So thank you Mr. Treacy . . . your art form inspires me !

- Beth

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