On the Second Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me two Turtle doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree . .

As I keep it going with the 12 Days of Christmas . . . day two is all about the turtle not the dove and what comes to mind in the way of design tortious inspired !!

When I think of tortoiseshell the first thing that comes to my mind are the "cat eye" glasses I wore as a kid.  Yes, I was a beauty !

Not only are those glasses tortoiseshelll . .  they would be hexagon shape !!! Nice.

So . . . let's start with the Wearstler Touch of course, and The Tides South Beach with the tortoiseshells adorning the walls over the banquettes.  Now, if I only had 20 foot walls !

I love a little tortoise whether it be an accent piece or two, the look of hexagon inspired  fabric or carpet, or simply the warm color of brown, carmel with a metallic.  David Hick's created this for Groundworks.  The amazing hexagon pattern he is known for. .  do you think tortoiseshell  like I do?

or this from SeaCloth, who recently joined Lee Jofa

Again, from David Hick, his classic wallpaper pattern .. (available at www.lucyandcompany.com)

Feeling like a DYI project, how about a hand stenciled version, yes that's paint !  With the time it takes to create this beauty . .  you might just want to pay for the paper !  But it is amazing !

Let's not forget the floors . . 

From Shaw Floors brand tile, this glass product comes in 12 x 12 sheets for $17.98 per !

Classic David Hick's design set in stone, by his son Ashley Hicks.  This is York Castle, $139 per square foot

or this amazing wall to wall . . . say no to wall to wall sisal and yes called this from the Hexagon House II collection !

From Rug of the World - a classic hexagon pattern

 . . . and breaking out of their shells . . .

how about a tortoiseshell patent bag from Gucci !
available at www.bluefly.com

or maybe and accessory or two from 1stdibs.com - so long as it's faux !!!

Michael Kors . . . love love

Heels by J. Renee

A little "faux tortoise" on these classic chairs !

Last but not least.  I came across this amazing product.

What is it you say . . .

A woodwool cement board.  Simple, good looking and eco friendly.  Traullit Dekor, a Swedish company, came up with this brilliant idea.  Creating hexagon shaped tiles in a sound absorbing design.  Beauty meet function !!

It's amazing to me where this will go . .  I became so driven by the hexagon patterns of David Hick's . . .

. . . that I used it in my latest install.  You may remember a November post about the final inspiration board my client's chose.

This was the rug sample we all decided was our favorite, and guess who . . David Hick's.

Stay tuned this week for the finished product !  Here's a peek . . .

And to end on a sweet note, how about a homemade turtle !

Enjoy . . .
- Beth

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