On the Tenth Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me ten lords . .  of london . . .  leaping
nine ladies dancing
eight Maid's a milking
seven swans a swimming in a sea of water inspired design
six geese a laying at the lake house
five golden Rings
four Calling birds
three french Hens
two turtle Dove
and a Partridge in a pear Tree

Hi All . . .

It's Friday ! Work is done . . . well done as much as it can be done.  We were busy this week installing, five in total just in time for Christmas .  . Thanks to all the girls, thanks to my carpenters, installers, upholsters, seamstresses and painters for going the extra mile and making it happen !!!

It will be nice to shut in down for a few days and enjoy being home.  House is ready, food is getting ready, and mind is wondering.   So . . . Day 10 . . . "lords a leaping."  Lords . . . Lords of London pops in my head . . The Band - No, London - Yes . . . The British Invasion.

I was glued to the Royal Wedding this year.  Every moment of perfection.  The pomp the circumstance, the history, the hats, the trees lining the aisles in the church, Cute Harry, Kate looking beautiful and William  driving his own get-a-way car, that I loved.  Gotta love those Brits.

I have seen the invasion, it is leaking into our showroom at lucy and company.  I love the union jack.

Makes a great accent pillow !

How about a chaise !

But this is by far my favorite.  The Rug Company has and will alway have, some of my favorite rugs . . .

. . . and art.  Remember this from Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in SITC 2 ! 

Furniture too . . . trunks, coffee tables, dressers.

All of these available through our showroom.

Interior Design inspiration from across the Pond.   One of my first design loves was Kelly Hoppen, one of Britain's design treasures.  Her book was the first one I bought.  I have gotten great inspiration from her style.

A great read, and I love how she talks about her projects from concept to final, and all the tweaking in between.  Here's a shot of one of my favorite rooms by Ms. Hoppen.  Loving the beams, the clean walls, the open spaces, the comfort and of course the bubble chair (still loving those).

Take a look at a few of my other favorite Hoppen designs . . .

Both of these bedrooms give a sense of calm and chic at the same time !

The styling of this piece is perfection !

One of her projects in Thailand . . . amazing.

So hat's off to the British, for their sense of design, style, history, and great shopping.

Back to the cornbread stuff . . . we eat tomorrow, and I'm hosting.
- Beth

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