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I got my January / February Issue of Veranda today and on the cover it said "The Joy of Color."  This got me thinking about vibrant color, strong color, multi color.  It's funny, our new showroom has been transformed from the crazy multi color of years gone by, and what we have always been known for, to the more simplified (all white walls - yes we did that) and sleek look similar to this cover using the pop of only a few choice colors, green and blue.

This is not to say my love for multi color, crazy walls and strong color palates has gone by the wayside, I still love it.  I have just noticed I am using a lot more white in the rooms I have done.  Thought I would take a minute to show the new look of COLOR !!!

Kate Schintzius's West Hollywood Apartment.  Associate designer for M. Design Interiors - wanted a "Palm Beach in the 70's vibe . . . as reported by Design Sponge . . . Love this image, and reading further in the Sponge post I find out the building, a streamline Moderne Art Deco Style, made me love it even more with it's great period detail!

A pop of color on a traditional wingback gives both the piece and the room new life!

Isn't nature amazing . . .  Igneous rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era (a mere 2,700 million years ago)

Color kitchen love and art color love . . .

These images below, pulled from the Lucy and Company archives . . . still love all the color!

Eileen Kathryn Boyd, one of New York's most influential designers, uses color in a way I love, a big dose, but not overkill . . . Take a look at a few of her designs.

She is also now designing for Duralee fabrics (available at Lucy and Company)

Water color work of Caitlin McGauley, Summer Series

Caitlin lives and works in New York City.  I love her bio.  Prized watercolorist for Lonny Magazine's Watercolor Wednesdays, part of the Art Portfolio Series at Kate Spade (notecards and stationary)

These last two images I might say are my favorite . . . Need to watercolor my walls and need to create an art piece using nothing but paint chips !!!

Enjoy !

- Beth

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