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Lately I have become more and more into two things, purses and jewelry.  While driving back from theAtlanta Market, we jumped off  I 85 at the Tanger Outlet, a rather large strip mall cluttered with outlet after outlet.  For you bargain shoppers near Charlotte, NC, it's a destination trip. . . a put on your yoga pants, get in the car with a diet coke or two, turn on the music and steer south.  A lot of good loot to be found.  Now while my 20-somethings headed into The Gap, J. Crew and The Loft, places like such to find cute, cheap clothes - shiny pants, tank tops, both of which have not seen my closet for the past 10 years -    I of course headed to Coach for my purse fix.  I love Coach and wasn't disappointed.  Two steps in the door I was greeted with an additional 30% coupon which brought a smile to my face.

Now the first purse I actually bought with my own money (circa 1980) looked a lot like this . . . as did almost everything in their store . . .

But Coach has come a long way . . . 
Family run business founded in 1941 in a Manhattan loft.

Happy to say, I trotted out with a $326 bag for $90 . . . score!

The best thing of all . . . their customer service.  The Charlotte store (at Southpark) ranks high on my list.  I quite enjoy the hand-written "thank you" notes I receive - an act of good manners that has gone by the wayside and shouldn't !

Obsession #2, Jewels . . . 

 Gemma Redux of New York - amazing.  Can dress up even a sweat shirt.  Love.  

The drippy chain look . . . reminds me of a certain chandelier we put in out showroom  . . 

Gemma Redux quote...
"Jewelry should be 100% fantasy and should make you feel excited to put it on"

So go out and get a new bag and jewels. . .  it will lift your spirits!

- Beth

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