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Art.  Subjective.  Inspiring.  Powerful.  It makes a room (that and great lighting).  This post is dedicated to three different kinds of artists. . . Cy Twombly, Kelly Wearstler and my husband Keith Keim.  I am inspired by all for different reasons, their vision, their sense of color and their whimsy brings any setting to life for me.  Past, Present, Future. 

Back a few months ago my family and I went to NYC and made a stop at MoMA on West 53rd.  Keith and I both were totally captivated by the work or the late Cy Twombly.

Take a look at a few of his pieces . . .

The exhibit at MoMA

ok . . so inspired I did a backdrop for the store !

Take a look at the man . . 

After seeing this piece (above), it reminded me of Kelly Weastler's  foyer - you've probably seen it  .  . .  similar in movement and feeling.  Love it . .  In an interview she laughs about how people think her kids went crazy on the walls . . . different strokes.  There is nothing I love more than a good abstract mixed in a room.

She's amazing.

I have saved numerous "wall inspirations" and art along the way, and while it takes a special client to allow me to go a little nuts on the walls, many are game for an abstract piece of art or two.

Take a look at a few inspiration photos I have saved over the years . . .

Jamie Meares' studio "Furbish" in Raleigh, NC created a wall in her space that was the inspiration for this look.

Sara of La Maison Boheme  painted her foyer wall after the Furbish showroom post.

and this . . .

Because of our trip to MoMA, and wanting to create some new and interesting pieces, Keith came home and he spent most of his Christmas break down at the shop working on some new techniques and new pieces . . take a look, and for a closer look, all these pieces are being shown at Lucy and Company

mixed media 24" x 48" entitled: EF White $1,200

mixed media 24" x 36" entitled: Mix 27 $475

mixed media 36" x 48" entitled: Around Prussian $1,800

mixed media 24" x 24" entitled:Revisiting Silver $450

mixed media 24" x 48" entitled: EF Black $1,200

Here's a close up . . .

mixed media 36" x 48" entitled: Circle Series 1 $650

mixed media 24" x 48" entitled: Devotion to Freehand $650.00

In a future post, (this week) I will give you a look at Lucy and Company's new digs, and another look at  these amazing pieces . . . stay tuned.

- Beth

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