Finishing Touches . . the Eclectic Look

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Friday turned into a "style" day.  Fun.  I made a return to a favorite client, Kristen Foster, this time it was her daughter -  Caroline's turn.  A little while back, I was asked to help "finish off" her bedroom.  Her look, "Anthropology" - a great vintage mix.  If you aren't familiar with Anthropology, (what rock have you been under) they have a great look.  One of many favorites - vintage and eclectic.

Take a look at their bedding and how they style a room and you will get what I am saying.

I often shop there for a few finishing touches - lamp shades, hardware, pillows, clothes (if i get back down to a size 2)

When thinking vintage, another "must"  is a wall grouping. . . and lots of it.

Cozy Bedding

Flea Market finds, mis-matched . . old and new

Great Quilts . . .

Interesting hardware, almost "jewel" like

I went by Kristen's specifically  to see the rug, lamp and chaise we ordered, and hang the new curtains.  What we ended up doing was grouping all the great vintage photos she had to complete the look.

The formula for wall groupings, there really isn't one other than tight groups.  Mix your photos, art - all types.  Add in something dimensional:  plates, sculptures, shadow boxes - in a mixture of frame styles.

We added the perfect lamp... love the shade !

A chaise, tufted and curved.

So . .

"old wood"

. . . all words that come to mind when thinking vintage. . .

Take another peak at great wall groupings . . .

Simple touches finished it off, she had all the key elements, the bed, a wood dresser, the art.  We just helped soften the room with a big rug, new windows, chaise, lamp and art placing !

Now Caroline has a finished room, a great mix of all the things she loves.

"Hi this is Caroline. I am a twelve year old girl and i just got my room redone by a great designer at Lucy and Company, Beth. she did a great job. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I never imagined that my room could look so... STYLISH! It is exactly how I pictured my dream room. Beth did a great job picking out things for my room, from modern funky lamps, to a very comfy desk chair. The layout is perfect! I have space to do anything i want, and still manage to fit all of my clutter. It looks fantastic! It's even hard to believe that it's mine, all for me to keep! I love how every part of my room goes together.Another plus is that this room will never get old, or go out of style. It will still be age-appropriate through out high school. One of my favorite parts of my room is the wall that is decorated with a bunch of paintings and picture frames. What i would eventually like to do is put some pictures of me and my friends in those frames in black and white. Thank you so so much for the best room ever!!"

Thanks, Caroline !!!

For great tips on getting this look, here's a good read.

Bazaar Style, Decorating with Market and Vintage Finds.

Good Day . . 

- Beth

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