Hi Everyone . . .  

I must confess, I have left my dinning room table fully "dressed" since the holidays because it was looking so pretty.  It has a look that isn't too "holiday," so stay it did.  I used my favorite salad plates with the gold detail, ones I generally only pull out occasionally, but I have decided to use them more.

With my new love for gold and brass . . . I have been adding a little of it here and there, so take a look at a few of the finds I have come across.

Gold Rimmed Bowls available at www.gretelhome.com

Hermes Balcons du Guadalquivir - Gold Plates available at www.stores.goredean.com

Balcons du Guadalquivir extra wide enamel bracelets available at www.parismonami.com
Ok don't laugh . . . I actually use bracelets as napkin rings all the time - these would be amazing !

David Stark Wood Slices Dinnerware available at  www.westelm.com

Sylvie Coquet Gold Ginkgo Cocktail Plates from www.couturelab.com

Drip Tease Mug available at www.bouf.com

Peace Sign Plates available at www.cameonouveau.com

Loving the gold !

- Beth

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  1. Oh my gosh...those sweet cups available at Gretel are so beautiful. I might have to treat myself to the one in the blush color. But I also love the Bouf Drip-Tease mug too - I'm a big coffee lover so this would be such a nice treat.