Install of the Day . . Long Distance !

it's ashley again...

i'm sure some of you have seen the show 'donna decorates dallas' on hgtv.  how this woman ever got her own show is beyond me, but i digress...  i'm here to prove good design does exist in texas, that does not include the medieval castle look.

one of my current clients is a former charlottean who now resides in texas.  i'm making over the bedroom her two youngest sons share.  i can tell you this, nothing gaudy, stenciled, gilded, faux or leopard is allowed near that room.  the design is all navy and orange yumminess with some unique art pieces and a killer shag rug.  knowing i was working with existing navy bunk beds and a new orange drum pendant,  this is what i came up with...

designing long distance is never out of the question here at charlotte-based lucy and company . . . if you are comfortable with a measuring tape, it's no problem !  you can forward the room images and dimensions, and we will return a design board and mail fabric and rug samples.  i'm currently designing rooms in colorado and tennessee, and beth has clients in oregon and california.  

so, while i wish i could get on a plane and take some great "after" pictures . . . here's the final product !!!
design in a box, ready to ship out to texas !

so let's talk about orange and navy . . .

great choices for boys (or the rest of us for that matter) . . . take a look at some of my favorite fabrics, rugs and accessories . . . all available through lucy and company

rugs . . .

fabrics . . .

one amazing "sputnik" fixture from 1stdibs.

a few other room ideas using this great combination of colors . . .

with love to lonny

and let's not forget the yum that beth did over christmas !!!

with love to Design Sponge
Love the Post title "Sophistikat"

with love to Porter Design Company

(chairs, rug, tables and window treatments all can be sourced through lucy and company)

. . and a few more ideas from Design Sponge

a few older lucy and company designs using navy and orange !

so ponder the orange and navy, its a great combination!

- ashley

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  1. It's an awesome combo - I love the design board you drafted up for the client. I love the fabrics that you specified and that fun rug. I think that modern Windsor dining room by Lucy and Company is awesome - I hadn't seen that before.