Room Re-do x 2 . .

Hi all . . . Lindsey here.

Once upon a time there were twins, a girl and boy, Alexandra and Nicholas.  They had fun rooms (that Beth did a million years ago - but was the first to agree .  . .  had become a little on the dated side).   It was time for a make over as they approach that tween age!

Where to start. . . .

Jena and I worked together to pull  3 different directions for Alexandra's Room  . . .  Can you tell our teen girls are ready to loose the pink & the fluff when they hit that certain age, we see it all the time.

Take a look at my options A. B. & C.

A.  Pulling in green walls,  Option A. was a mix of navy with chartreuse.  A tall upholstered bed in white to calm down the bright walls and add major contrast.  One of the must haves for Alexandra's room was a place to display her collections, and I love the bookcase we chose - interesting shape, yet functional.  She also wanted a lounge/study area to read and do homework. This streamlined console table is simple, a perfect place to do homework, crafts or drawing.  Not your traditional desk, but a multi functional piece, streamlined and sleek.

B. In Option B, we shift to aqua walls with an accent wall of Amy Butler wallpaper in navy, teal, lime and white.   I love these colors together, especially when this great stripe fabric is added to emphasis the color combination.  Alexandra loves texture, and a green nubby rug would define the space and provide cushion when getting out of bed in the morning!  

It's funny how you learn more and more about people at each design meeting, especially kids! At first,  the shy front is brought on, but by the time they see the cool designs we bring to them, they really come out of their shell and express what they like and want! 

It wasn't until our second or third meeting that I learned that Alexandra likes black!  She loved the wallpaper from Option B., but not the color- no problem, it comes in a black colorway!  So take a look at the final and winning design . . . 

C.  In this option we started with the wallpaper and brought out the colors we wanted to focus on, cornflower blue & lime green!  A feature wall of wall paper would provide a back drop for her white furniture and the black & white fabric for a cornice with sheer panels in a Designers Guild stripe would soften the strong black as well as a color tie back.  Organic cotton bedding with the chevron fabric as pillows would make for a comfy slumber with great style.

In the end, my client opted for just a framed piece of wall paper rather than the whole "accent" wall.  And of course, we had to had fluffy pillows!!  Loving Amy Butler's designs ? . . . all are available through Lucy and Company.   In Phase II we hope to add in the loveseat, floor lamp and area rug ! 

Now on to Nicholas . . .  with the jack and jill bathroom they share, we wanted to tie the colors of Alexandra's room to his and lucky for us he was game for blue and green.  Boys are usually easier to design for, they are laid back, and just about happy with whatever you show them. That is exactly how Nicholas was when I showed him the designs for his room! 

We ended up going with the second option. The Ikat fabric brought all of the colors together and gave the room that something funky that it needed.  I found a great new vinyl for the headboard at the last minute and had to use it!  Mom, Tracey, was so cool to work with, she loved the new fabric for the headboard and with having some hesitation at first toward so much gray, she was pleasantly surprised at the overall end product! In phase II we will be adding the sofa for that lounge feel that Nicholas wants. 

It was a fun project and a great collaboration.  At Lucy and Company, we love nothing more than to show you a few options and creating these design boards help you visualize the entire room with all its fun parts !  We also don't have a problem at all working in phases.   In the end . . happy client ...

Stay tuned for more design boards. . working of several kid's rooms at the moment with lots of great ideas.  Give me a call, be glad to help get you out of your Pottery Barn Kid boredom !!

- Lindsey

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  1. So awesome!! I love that Alexandra's inspiration board transitioned into the the inspiration for Nicholas's room. I'm so glad option C was chosen for the girls room and the boy's room is so awesome! Nice work! I think the cornice in the boys room is my favorite thing.